Zou Jiaju a tea event caused by the storm story (four) – Sohu eat and drink melia kreiling

Zou Jiaju: a Meicha incident led to the situation of the story (four) – Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "Songs" Meicha story: antibacterial green those years, in addition to the "Gang of four", the most evil thing is fungus, stir the tea on the system may not be in peace. In 1975, transferred to Yunnan, Xundian, Huize and Luquan, more than five layers of tea found moldy, white, green, black, yellow mold, sales have demanded return. Huangyuan mildew, impact to the outside, especially to the high sensitivity of Tibetan area. Anti mildew mildew became a tea company in the daily work event, specific task to examine the chief Peng hand?. Mold challenge, invisible before the event can not see, but the impact of a strong impact on the consumer’s retina. It is the first step to find out the law of the development of the mould. Peng Cheng, chief of the field of vision will focus on the beginning of 1952 Beijing experiment, he got first-hand information, detailed records on the notebook. The basic situation of Beijing experimental white, green, black, yellow mold forming temperature and humidity conditions for production and processing, water storage, master placement and environment settings provide a huge amount of data, but there is no bacteria beneficial to Flavomycin and white mold studied a little. In Beijing, the experiment is mainly on the research of mold defense, and it is a conclusion of negative coping. It only defines a fuzzy concept which does not affect health. Map: the classification of tea tea popular South Beauty Tea Trees "long" according to different characteristics of the formation process, gradually in the life of tea a fixed mode of thinking, inadvertently blurring the development and change of tea process between context. From another point of view, tea can be divided into fermented and non fermented tea. With green tea, fermentation Black Tea (Oolong Tea), black tea, yellow tea and may in the future be able to own Pu’er Tea. White tea is not fermented and Green Tea, their ancestor process in the history of tea, white tea is only 200 years of history, but the process may reflect the characteristics of the tea processing process of the most primitive. For thousands of years, Green Tea cleaning reserved, ignoring fermentation, and mould company, long-term antibacterial and kept the name of zero fermentation. The necessity of the pluralistic development of social life however, eventually led to the more conservative Tea family derived from different forms and different degrees of fermentation process, although the deviant, but enrich people’s material and cultural life, with revolutionary elements and vitality for the development of tea. The understanding of the positive role of microorganisms in the fermentation of green green tea in Yunnan comes from the fact that local people do not drink fermented tea. But because of aging or fermentation Pu’er Tea has formed a habit of social life in the coastal areas, long-term drinking of the Yunnan people still Green Tea zero fermentation fight against microbial invasion, but they are in tough battle gradually close to the antibiotic that leads into another world build the channel by microorganisms. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees "Songs" Meicha story: Huangyuan Tan Zili and Li Yongyou two people first came to Chengdu. According to the views of the deputy manager of the song, this time, we must persuade the Tibet station in Chengdu comrades to go together. Xiong Liangshu, director of purchasing station eventually agreed to become the purchasing manager of the business manager to go to Huangyuan. He net相关的主题文章: