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Zhang Lunshuo: Dad’s trust and rely on blood and never mind Zhang Lunshuo and koala Zhang Lunshuo and fiancee Christy Chung information times (reporter Ji Yuanyuan) Zhang Lunshuo is to rely on love to develop the reality show "earned" [micro-blog] to wife Christy Chung, and is now in the parenting reality show "earn" daughter koala, nowadays has become reality the program earn most of the actor! Mango TV reality show "4" this year, Dad where to go into practice and Dad Dad genuine two groups, with fiancee Christy Chung’s daughter koala show Zhang Lunshuo, tomorrow it will be "positive" the father from practice! The day before, being for the wedding to make final preparations for him, accept the Information Times reporter interview, talking about the relationship between Zhang Lunshuo and the koala, and share a "truth": "Mom and Dad, this word is rely on and trust, as long as you pay the feelings, they will be fed back to the real you too much emotion, Never mind and blood." The koala has already changed to call "Dad" in "4" where Dad, koala and even though Zhang Lunshuo is not a biological daughter, but it does not lose the other three pairs of father and son. As early as before the show to participate in the recording, Zhang Lunshuo and koala has been about a year to get along with the time, he often went out with the daughters of Christy Chung travel. In Zhang Lunshuo’s view, they have already achieved mutual trust. While recording "Daddy where the 4" later, he finally got the children’s approval, said he is "Qi Qi dad". He said: "on the show before, they will call me dad on the outside, back home still call me uncle Zhang; after recording the program, all call me dad, but more than ever, I trust I feel stuck, I can live with them." Talked about and get along with the koala, Zhang Lunshuo gives a good model to establish a good relationship between the restructuring of the family, he said. The tube or tube, because if you are irresponsible." In the show, Zhang Lunshuo learned that a father’s feelings, "in the program is to have a child and make memories together. For the first time, the koala was riding a camel and riding a horse." "Love" has let the parents worry about Zhang Lunshuo and Christy Chung this Jiedi difference 12 years, had not been optimistic about the outside world, this time from the reality show "a false thing becomes true" couple, also once considered in the program for speculation. Zhang Lunshuo generous recognition, parents also have concerns at the beginning, when you do not understand the beginning of the fear, after getting along with the discovery, I do have to live her hold, slowly dispel the concerns". When you see Zhang Lunshuo with Christy Chung’s daughter on reality show, eat melon people feel that this guy is a little tricky. Two of the wedding will be held tomorrow in Beijing, the three daughter of Christy Chung will serve as the flower girl at a wedding. For the first time to do the groom, Zhang Lunshuo bluntly very nervous". Turning to the wedding, Zhang Lunshuo always want to wife happy hanging on the mouth. The location of the wedding is not as many stars as the election in the island, but in Beijing, he explained: "married in Beijing相关的主题文章: