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Zhang Jizhong and his wife a divorce lawsuit involving Blackwater mutual poured people original title: Fan Xin man responded derailment: Zhang Jizhong Zhang Jizhong and his wife fan nurturing mistress make unfounded countercharges Xin man (information) Zhang Jizhong and his wife Fan Xinman Xiao Qi, Zhang Jizhong’s right-hand man Fan Xinman and Xiao Qitong box Sina entertainment news on August 30th, claiming the insider broke the news to the media, the famous producer Zhang Jizhong’s wife Fan Xinman derailed her and Zhang Jizhong son Xiao Qi, two people have been trying to possess Zhang Jizhong as president of the company’s property in discipline culture. Sina entertainment exclusively linked to the fan Xin man himself, the other said that he did and Zhang Jizhong divorce, but she and Xiao Qi just work, truly derailed is Zhang Jizhong, he is also the transfer of property, for many years he has an affair continuously, still in the United States had a natural child at the age of 3, now more than 31 small he old mistress. In the dialogue, fan Xin man with emotion, she admits that just want to play normal divorce on the line, did not think there was a network of black material, she thinks is someone deliberately discredit, make unfounded countercharges. Fan Xin man clarified its relationship with Xiao Qi said, the so-called network broke the news is nonsense, with each other in the Blackwater, he is good friends with Xiao Qi, the age of culture is in the care of them, only two people working relationship. Fan Xin man admitted that he and Zhang Jizhong did a divorce lawsuit, the reason is unable to bear his heart and repeatedly derailed over the years, he has an affair, not only in the United States have a 3 year old illegitimate child, now in another 31 years younger than him mistress. Fan Xinman said, is currently in the transfer of property is Zhang Jizhong, the network broke the nonsense, is with each other in black. (A Huiwen) (commissioning editor: Bai Ling) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: