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Xiaoxian dianjin: how to treat the investment risk? How to reduce the risk? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Risk is an objective existence, inevitable, and under certain conditions with some regularity, can reduce or avoid unnecessary risks. Therefore, we can only try to reduce the risk to the lowest level, and can not completely avoid or eliminate. 2 do the most important investment: one is to know a market analysis of the market; two is to know how to control the risk, as an investor must have a good attitude and a correct concept of investment; vigorous people see an opportunity in every crisis, and the negative people in every the opportunity to see some kind of hardship; in the face of sharp fluctuations in the market, we must seize every opportunity, seize the opportunity is equal to grasp tomorrow! The most effective way to reduce risk is to recognize and recognize the existence of risk, the best way to reduce risk. World investment guru Soros said, there is no risk of investment in itself, out of control investment risk. So to reduce the risk of the first from the risk of awareness and attitude, and then is to judge the market skills and capital position control to elaborate. Learn to communicate WeChat xiaoxiandj first, objective existence. The objectivity of investment risk will not disappear because of the subjective desire of investors. The investment risk is the role of uncertainty and the formation, and these uncertain factors exist objectively, individual investors do not control all investment links, not expected to influence the future change of margin market price factors, so the investment objective existence. So investors must be calm, can not have a certain rise or fall view. To a certain extent, to determine the fault, to be sure, and to remedy the mistakes. Second, can reduce the risk of mentality. Investment in the market must have a sense of investment risk. Because in the investment market, the benefits and risks are always co-exist. But most people first consider the risk from a negative point of view, and even think that there will be a risk of loss. It is because of the uncertainty of risk factors is negative, causing many people dare not face, not objectively and in the face of the investment market, so hold back. To realize the relative risk and variability of investment risk, the risk of investment is relative to the investment variety. So the risk can not be generalized, there is relatively strong. At the same time, the variability of investment risk is also very strong. Due to the impact of price factors in the process of change, will cause the investor’s capital gains or losses, and there may be repeated changes in profit and loss. Investment risk will increase or decrease according to the profit and loss of customer funds, but this risk will not disappear completely. In the process of capital operation, it is inevitable that the losses caused by the loss of funds. If you can reasonably control the risk, when the loss will help to maintain a good investment mentality相关的主题文章: