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Xi arrived in Xinhua small village adorable group of rural filial piety juvenile interpretation of "the most beautiful village filial boy" and "love in the urban and rural public service activities in Xinhua Railway Station warehouse" dozens of families and volunteers to give up holidays in October 1, 2016, the entire investment to public welfare activities, parent-child play public activities in the company, traditional cultural performances, traditional etiquette education, literary talent and teach children Guan, rich and colorful, adorable group of volunteers will come to study in poverty of Xinhua County farmers Xintai integrated big market event with a large number of children’s toys, books and other goods of love, with thousands of Left-behind children spent a happy National Day holiday seven days. In support of the Education Bureau of Xinhua County, Xi adorable group in Xinhua Xintai farmers market square for seven consecutive days held the most beautiful village filial boy "and" love in the urban and rural warehouse "Xinhua Railway Station to start large-scale public welfare activities, with more than 1000 local children to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the founding of the left behind, a total of happy holiday. Adorable Xi Hunan provincial civilization by group guidance, Hunan Takahashi big market and other units support "love warehouse" public projects to raise a large number of left-behind children care supplies for love, companionship and twinning family and volunteers. Study group recruited dozens of adorable pair families and volunteers to give up vacation, full into the left-behind children family games company, traditional cultural performances, traditional etiquette education, literary talent and children teach Guan and rich and colorful activities, and the construction of the first Xinhua County left-behind children "village village library", long term the local service left-behind children. At the celebration, the event will also usher in President Mao Zedong and Jiang Jieshi and other historical figures such as special guest actor for volunteers who village village village village to add to the fun, national cultural life more than absolute capital rich. The seven day event will focus on the inheritance of "filial piety" theme, lively and vivid to inspire children understanding and gratitude parents working outside, take good care of your health overall growth, recognition and assistance for those with their tender shoulders provoke left behind family living, typical caring for sick grandparents left-behind children leader. The recruitment message has been issued, the volunteers are encouraged to register, the lactation volunteers Fu Lijuan insisted with under the hundred days baby counterparts, left-behind children are learning to lead the song "jump" three children sign language dance, spread love and filial piety, Chengde, hope that their children will influence the traditional virtue from infancy, shaping the correct outlook on life and values, have a happy life. Seven, cultural activities, learning groups will open adorable "recommended channel the most beautiful village boy filial piety, filial piety good after the typical left-behind children will participate in talent shows itself, adorable Xi regiment" village Li Rui and numerous film and cultural fields, parent-child celebrities to participate in the "village village library" small public conference director. In June 3, 2016 the village village [love] warehouse project officially started, guidance and sponsored by the urban areas in the province at all levels of civilization, Yuhua District United Front, Gaoqiao Street Party Working Committee and other government agencies, by raising the general public and caring businesses donated materials, collect to love the warehouse, the centralized organization of urban and rural family in countryside, caring left-behind children. Love warehouse to play the advantages of resource integration.相关的主题文章: