World open three chess Chen Yaoye Braun Cup final – Sports Sohu reentry-beself

World open chess Chen Yaoye Braun Cup final for reentry – Sohu sports Guangzhou daily news (reporter Shi Shaozong) the third session of the "Braun cup world open three chess semifinal second game in Guiyang Braun Appart Hotel International yesterday, China Chen Yaoye 2 to 0 beat South Korea" star of hope "Shen Zhenxu first to qualify for the finals, this is the second time he broke into the Braun cup final. China master Ke Jie zhihei first set victory over yuan equalised, the two sides will win today for another finals tickets. Chen Yaoye recently began to recover, this Braun Cup semi-final zhiluoliangju out of South Korea’s star of hope, brave state. But Shen Zhenxu this competition to enter the semi-finals also refresh the best player in the world series 00. In the semi finals three chess board in the first game, the first master Chinese kija lost to South Korea’s yuan, surprise. Yesterday the semi-final, the fight to win or die kija zhihei first, mid battle kija to a combination of a successful white sub cut, great harvest field. Yuan had to rely on to attack the black dragon occasion around the left empty, but ultimately failed, the two sides into the end game for. Kija to sound means to hold the disk to 9 yuan, to see the small defeats of the situation can not be changed, in the end game stage set.相关的主题文章: