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The woman was 3 strange men clothes burned belched sulfate reduced to fragments video capture video capture recently, Xingtai City, Ningjin county and village 33 year old villager Wang Jingmi, on the road from the village home, suddenly a group of strangers on a suspected sulfuric acid liquid, resulting in a large area burns Wang Jingmi body. The husband of Wang Jingmi Su Guangqian: my wife from this road to go home, trailing behind a van, the car is very slow, at this point, the people in the car to roll down the glass, to my wife who poured sulfuric acid. Voiceover: the victim’s husband Su Guangqian told reporters that in September 13th about 4 in the afternoon, his wife Wang Jingmi is in the path of Ningjin County Zhao Pingqiu village north, suspected of being splashed with sulfuric acid liquid. In the incident, the reporter also found a hair worn by the injured personnel, this piece of clothing has been burned fragmented. The husband of Wang Jingmi Su Guangqian: This is inside the clothes, coat was burned. Voiceover: Su Guangqian said, his wife Wang Jingmi due to serious injury, after the incident is sent directly to the first hospital of Hebei Medical University for treatment. In the hospital, the reporter saw Wang Jingmi, her face, neck, back and legs have large area burns. Wang Jingmi recalled that the incident occurred, the van should have three people, the three people in the car to her a blow, he sped away. Victim Wang Jingmi: at that time special pain, burning pain, I subconsciously put my face on the rub. Voiceover: Wang Jingmi attending doctors, Wang Jingmi body burns up to twelve percent, most of which three degree burns are serious. Wang Jingmi, a victim of the doctor, Dr. Wang Chejiang: according to his introduction and our clinical observation, it is likely to be acidic substances, do not rule out the basic substance burns, and now the patient’s mood is not very stable. Voice: what is so extremely cruel and merciless in a 33 year old, women use such cruel means? Wang Jingmi told reporters that she did not know the three men, do not know who is going to retaliate in such a way. At present, they have been reported to the local police. Ningjin County Public Security Bureau of the village police station staff: has filed a case under investigation. Reporter Wen Jiaming, Liu Chao reports.相关的主题文章: