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Home-Securtiy a serious concern for more homeowners today is the alarming rate of home burglars. Over half of the burglaries that occur are through a forced window. They will either break the window, ruin the window locks and then slips the catch, thus opening the window. These criminals steal the valuables, your important belongings and even damage your facilities at home. Windows can present an opportunity for burglars and intruders to gain entry into your home. The intruders can always just break window glass and the noise of breaking glass is usually avoided by most intruders. But burglars are clever and can always find ways to break in without smashing the window glass. Basically, windows are the most vulnerable security point on any residence, so burglars target windows in their operation. Now if we can do nothing about keeping away from burglars, however, there are simple affordable solutions that we can make to keep safety in our homes. One way of preventing is through opting for better quality sash window locks. A great way to minimize the odds of an intruder is to install an alarm monitoring service along with good window locks. Although this is a little expensive but it can be the best solution. Sash window locks are basically rotating latch screwed on top and bottom of the window frame. The windows are prevented from being open since the rotating latch moves within a fixed slot of the window frame. There are two categories sash window locks both available in single and double hung frames. They are found in different types of materials and constructions. These materials include zinc aluminum, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, plastic, wood and glass. You can match them wind your window frame color. Since these window locks are breakable, alarm monitoring services are suggested to be .bined with these types of window locks upon installation. By keeping vigilance on their clients residence some security service providers are furnishing these homes with high quality sophisticated alarm gadgets. Transmission of the signals from these high-technology equipments are directly through inter. satellite. If there is any intruder that attempts to get in the installed system, it gets activated and transmit signal to the control hub. Naturally, the rates for Alarm Monitoring Services are very cost-effective and you can choose several plans based on what you need. As some people might think picking window locks is not easy. Sure, all it takes is for you to go to a home and hardware store and pick out the one you like, but the question is, are you sure it’s really the right one? Make sure you have chosen the right one you think fit to your window and keep your window safe from intruders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: