Why do you want to lust, caution to ridicule the goddess mother Tang Wei ca1810

Why do you want to "lust, caution" to ridicule the goddess mother Tang Wei? Wen. Sina entertainment columnist Luo Jun boiled fertilizer "sejie" achievements of Tang Wei and Tang Wei’s life, already is not the only "sejie", but why when has become the goddess of Tang Wei in Hongkong produced female, public opinion in the network field in addition to the Tang Wei and her daughter’s blessing, actually there are so many wanton ridicule, mocking voice, and I and why is that those who borrowed "sejie" netizens laugh at Tang Wei low, it reflects Tang Wei’s mother goddess fan children? Tang Wei said the day before yesterday good news, 25 days in Hongkong had a daughter, her daughter safe 3.41 kilograms. In August 2014 she and South Korean director Jin Taiyong married February 2016 announced the pregnancy, to the little princess, in August 25, 2016 successfully gave birth to a so far, the goddess goddess mother. The message is, of course, is the blessing of the mainstream, the most funny is Liu Ye speed reply, said: "boy girl? Congratulations!" Netizens ridicule Liu Ye, saying "you’re not going to get married to a bar?" But there are some online messages affecting my nerves. Congratulations, Tony Leung". Such a message, in the news and social media, of course, more than one sentence. Anger is not just the message itself, but the message shows the attitude of many Internet users treat Tang Wei. As we know, network public opinion field full of pride and prejudice, which is inevitable for a wedding present, some people mouth dirty degree of shame; among them, the lack of respect, speech accomplishment frivolous, missing, people eye-opening. Moreover, this is not a person, but rather a large group. Go out of the vicious mockery of such a star, to hard, not to the hostile network, for their own life, the men of the Chinese feeling, but always keep good understanding? And Tang Wei did it, of course she was the goddess. Tang Wei Hongkong girl, why netizens still take "sejie"? Earlier Tang Wei wrote in the circle of friends: Hello, to report, I unloaded. I had a daughter in Hongkong, the birth of 3.41 kilograms, very healthy, because she is the first loud cry. Thanks to my mother, my father, I thank you for being brave, thanks to Doris and everyone who has been protecting her!" Then Tang Wei propaganda chapter Jie also said that Tang Wei has been discharged, and her husband in Hongkong to take care of the baby. He also revealed that the baby is very cute, really loud cry! In August 2014, Tang Wei and South Korean director Jin Taiyong married February 2016 announced the pregnancy. Tang Wei still hasn’t stopped working after pregnancy. In March 1st, Tang Wei announced the pregnancy after the first public appearance, to do publicity for the "Beijing in Seattle only love". At that time, she revealed that she was pregnant at the time of last Christmas, when she was with her husband, I am very happy, the first reaction is how to do? Husband, of course, very happy. In fact, is also expected". Many users wonder why Tang Wei does not go to the children of Han Guosheng. In fact, she had already talked about this when she attended the event in Hongkong earlier, when she said she had a baby相关的主题文章: