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When to start wearing a radiation suit is better – Sohu maternal radiation hazards, as early as a few years ago, foreign scholars have conducted in-depth study. According to the research found that if we humans long time in the environment of high intensity radiation, electromagnetic radiation is likely to make us human egg and sperm activity decreased, resulting in infertility, or after pregnancy, fetal malformation. Therefore, in order to the next generation of safe and healthy growth, pregnant women are necessary to wear radiation protection suits, but when to start wearing radiation suits most appropriate? When the radiation suit to wear the most appropriate and strict sense, as long as pregnant women have to wear radiation protective clothing to prevent radiation awareness, when to start wearing radiation suits are appropriate. However, in order to the health of the fetus, pregnant women do need to find the most appropriate time to wear radiation protection clothing. So, when the anti radiation suit to wear the most appropriate? Experts said that pregnant women should accurately grasp when appropriate to wear radiation suits, but also to understand the specific impact of radiation on the fetus. In general, the impact of radiation on the fetus is specifically manifested in four stages, namely, pregnancy, early pregnancy, pregnancy and late pregnancy. The effects of radiation on the fetus four stages of pregnancy, pregnancy preparation period, the couple will hard to nurture a healthy fetus and father to give up smoking and drinking, fetal recuperation body, the mother to the fetus and pay attention to nutrition, keep good health. However, the pregnancy can not do enough yo! In order to have a healthy baby, expectant parents should also pay attention to radiation protection, radiation protection in pregnancy, can improve the activity of sperm and eggs, so as to improve the chance of pregnancy, will also let the baby more healthy and clever. On the other hand, if you do not do a good job of radiation protection, it may lead to infertility, or after pregnancy, fetal malformation. Two, early pregnancy early pregnancy, the first 6 weeks of pregnancy is a critical period, the highest sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, any small dose of radiation are caused by fetal malformations. 6 weeks later, the fetus is in the embryonic period, electromagnetic radiation will make the embryonic cell mutation, is likely to cause miscarriage, etc.. Therefore, at this stage, pregnant women should be put on Jing Qi vest style radiation-proof clothes, let the baby grow without radiation in a healthy environment. Three, mid pregnancy trimester fetus has matured, this stage of fetal brain, heart and other vital organs of the critical period, therefore, this time should also be put on radiation-proof clothes, if not wear, is likely to affect fetal development, a serious cause of mental retardation, baby deformity. Four, the late pregnancy to the late pregnancy, that is, after 5 months of pregnancy, experienced a life course of the past five months, fetal intelligence has been a preliminary development. In the latter part of pregnancy, fetal immunity is an important period of development, this period if subjected to excessive electromagnetic radiation, will be the heart blood, blood circulation and microcirculation. After the birth of the fetus caused by low immune function, recurrent frail. After reading the above radiation on the growth and development of the fetus four important periods, quasi mother feel.相关的主题文章: