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When the "worst" encounter "the most difficult game (sports paper) – Sports – people.com.cn October 6th and 11, 5 days, China men will face 12 of the race: first battle against the Syria team in Xi’an, immediately flew to Tashkent, the Uzbekistan team against the enemy. Realistically speaking, the top 12 games before a flat and a negative record, not beyond people’s expectations, the national team players play a bright spot. However, if you want to compete for the top three group, reserved to enter the Russian World Cup hopes, in the future we have to win every game. After the two war, the Uzbekistan team to lead the standings of the 6 points, its fierce. The Syria team the last round draw with South Korea, and the same China integral. Two games are easy, it must get tough. However, from the point of view of time, the country is facing a lot of test. One of the most serious is the physical problems. These days, China is in Wuhan for training, coach Gao Hongbo said in an interview, the players physical condition is very poor, the next 3 games will be very difficult. Meanwhile, the Super League has entered the final 4 round. Guangzhou Hengda, Shanghai port, Shandong Luneng and other major internationals are facing relegation pressure or title, each team must go all out. At the same time, the end of the league, injury and fatigue to make players in a state of low tide. Therefore, how to adjust the best state of the players, the best combination is the first task of the national team coach. Adjustment of physical fitness and state. Previously, Hengda defender Li Xuepeng is sidelined for training, let the Orangemen stretched back one disaster after another. This list, Gao Hongbo even move into long war veteran Dewey, which shows the national football defensive worries. Whether it is "extended service" the main team, or find out of time, the veteran abandoned as soon as possible, through training and adjustment ningchengyigusheng, is the key to battle. Psychological adjustment is also indispensable. Gao Hongbo believes that many players in the national team in the super club have to bear a lot of responsibility and pressure, in addition to helping the club win, the public is also very concerned about the performance of individual players. From renhang stood on the controversy in the teeth of the storm, selected Dewey, Yang Xu, and then to the first two games, Wu Lei criticized Zhang Lin?. The better you play, the higher your fans demand. Therefore, how to adjust the ability of key players through personal adjustment and coaching intervention, is related to the future of the country’s two game. In addition, the objective factors will have an impact on the team’s preparation and competition. Previously, Shenyang’s turf problems have caused fans tucao". The upcoming battle of the Xi’an stadium, after the grass experts and local concerted efforts, the situation has changed a lot of turf, with the conditions of the game. The day before, the Orangemen against Qatar’s home court in Kunming plateau. On the day, the Orangemen need is "people and". (commissioning editor Hu Xuerong and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: