What’s the best way to say goodbye to your ex remonstrate

What’s the best way to say goodbye to your ex? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the book of love in marriage, can be small and insignificant such as gravel, can also be strong enough to win a trick like a hurricane. "If there is no love in the world, what will it be in our hearts?! If it does not light the Lantern light." — Goethe farewell to love 1 ways in the pursuit of love and less battle, moistening is a lovely girl, she is brave and strong, ready to challenge the world to shao’an. Unfortunately, after all, no less then love leaf, he chose not to fight and flee, in fact, Ye Yeyuan is not run more important to understand what Xiulian is less. Anyway, can not be married to the king, who married the same, to marry Li Xiangqian can also help a little bit of two dad." Under the irresolvable heartbreak and elders human pressure, leaf and made a very realistic choice. This decision does not matter right or wrong, because after all, love is not the only reason for marriage. Gao Xiaosong said: "I bid farewell to the former, there is a best ceremony, that is my own wedding." Leaf also thoroughly farewell Shao’an, in her heart, this wedding funeral is their youth and love. Leaf underestimate their dedication to love, no less, does anyone, but she did not think it only means to accept the same. The leaf is less, even the hair style that details are to be taken into account, but to her husband, she was very cruel and cold. She thinks all her unfortunate because Li Xiangqian, she can only see their own grief, and then forward to your love as a whip whipped repeatedly on their own to deep love person. Lee forward good able ingenuity, or a very ritualistic sense of exotic men. He tried to force the hardships to marry leaf, leaf is his angel, gave him a hell of a life. Embellish leaf has not been faced with their own: marriage is the final choice of her own, a person who is responsible for such decisions should be responsible for. "Sometimes it’s not the environment that sets us up, it’s not the pressure of others, it’s our own captivity." Imprisoned 2 from Shanxi to Shaanxi Xiulian fling caution to the winds, and the small family home. The day she thought worse, they are not even a cave mouth, can only live in the hospital and feeding cattle living together. Xiulian home is a craftsman, father and sister care, actually had Xiulian such a bitter day. In the heart to marry Xiulian, less is the greatest happiness, so even if she started from new daughter-in-law hard labor, not eaten a good stuff, not through a piece of clothing with patches, she hesitate, suffering and enjoy as if it were malt sugar. Mr. Lu Xun once pointed out: "if a person is not able to help the person he loves, it is best not to talk about love and love. Of course, help is not equal to love, but love can not help but help." Xiulian know this big family of)相关的主题文章: