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Sales Sleeping on your side is a good sleep position as long as it maintains your spines alignment, and it can ease pressure on your back, it also is great for blood flow and nutrient flow to your body whilst sleeping. The problem with side sleeping though, is, as you have less surface area in contact with the mattress, you have increased pressure on your hips and shoulders. For this reason side sleepers should look for a mattress that provides support with some give, or an elastic feeling support that you can get from foam mattresses, including natural, memory or latex. You should also look for the following features: Not too Firm And I will avoid saying do not buy a firm model here, as a mattresss firmness is relative to your bodies weight and height. You should disregard the labelling and look for a mattress that keeps your spine aligned when you are sleeping on your side, the sales assistant should be able to fit you to a mattress, just as you might get fitted for joggers. You should be looking for your spine to be in a straight line from the base of your head through to your tail bone. If you are dipping through your waist the mattress is too soft, if you can slide your hand through a gap under your waist then it is too firm. If you are very light, (less then 50kgs) you will likely need a soft model, if you are heavier (over 100 kg) you may require a firm option. Profiled Surface on the Mattress Core Most of the high end foam mattresses have profiled cores to assist in taking the pressure off your shoulders and hips. The idea is that the support .es through the centre of the Mattress Core with different firmness and softness of zones ergonomically designed to contour your body, and the surface of the core provides flexibility, providing some give under your heaviest parts to remove the pressure, reducing the incidence of pins and needles and improving blood flow. Soft Outer Layer You should also look for a mattress with a soft outer layer, cover or top layer. Again this is to help ease the pressure at your hip and shoulder. Some covers or top layers will be specifically designed to do this. This outer layer also provides the softness and cosiness that will make the mattress .fy. You can enhance this layer with a mattress protector or underlay if you would like it to feel softer once you get it home. Pillow Support Having the correct pillow is vital for side sleepers; if your head is out of line then it can throw out your posture, causing neck stiffness and dis.fort. You should look for a pillow that holds your head in its rightful position, usually contoured pillows are best for this as it will cradle your head. Contoured pillows now .e in a large variety of shapes and sizes, you can get low or high ones to suit your size, and soft through to firm to get your desired .fort. It would also be a wise idea to use silk pillow cases, as side sleepers are more likely to develop wrinkles as the side of their face is pressed into the pillows each night causing creases! The Triocell soft, medium and firm are ideal for side sleepers with a diamond cut profiled surface to reduce pressure points. The top of the line Zefiro mattress offers incredible support with a layer of memory foam, perfect for easing the pressure for side sleepers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: