What is the reason for the car fuel consumption surge tank is also need maintenance (video) pppd-175

What is the reason for the car fuel consumption surge tank is also need maintenance secret behind iron tank car for a long time, the tank needs to be cleaned? For this problem, today we have to answer. Do the tank cleaning, cleaning may be a bunch of unbelievable things: in addition to particles, colloid goods, repair master from tank cleaning out of aluminum foil and plastic film. The particles, colloidal materials… We can think of is the impurity in the oil, the foil is what happened? The original is to add fuel treasure accidentally fall into. Regular cleaning of the car’s fuel tank is very necessary, although the fuel tank in addition to refueling in a semi closed state, other times are completely closed. However, with the increase of the age of the car, the use of time becomes longer, the tank will be more and more impurities in the settlement, will inevitably be in the car with the oil supply system into the engine, a long time will cause damage to the car. On the quality of oil, Xiao Bian think everyone knows. Oil has various impurities, gas station oil depot is also the Months and years pass by. hoarding a lot of impurities. If you refuel in the tank truck to the fuel tank, it will be added to some impurities. These impurities into the tank, the first deposit in the bottom of the tank. Slowly when the sediment is too much, it will enter the engine with the fuel into the engine, causing serious wear on the engine. When do you clean it? The tank itself set up protective measures can be waterproof, insulation. If you are idle for a long time, it may be 30 thousand km, you have to clean the oil. Or is the replacement of filter. Otherwise, once the oil is blocked, the pressure of the tank is too high. In the course of the car, there will be the phenomenon of swing. Under the influence of high pressure, the fuel tank is very easy to crack, there will be serious oil spills, fuel consumption will become higher. How to clean? Tank cleaning is divided into two steps, internal and external. External: need to check the oil tank, oil pipe, joints and other places with no depression or leakage of oil. Remember to check the oil tank bracket fastening screws are tightened. Internal: open the fuel tank, remove the filter bucket, the oil sucked out, leaving only about 30L gasoline. Clean the plastic pipe is inserted from the gas inlet to the tank bottom, gently blowing at the bottom of the tank of gasoline, the rolling and achieve the cleaning effect. When cleaning, use a clean cloth to block the gas nozzle, and then change the position and direction of plastic continuous tube, oil level sensor to avoid friction. After washing for 20 minutes, the gasoline is released, and the impurities in the gasoline will flow out together. Note that the fuel from the fuel tank should be used for 72 hours before it can be used.相关的主题文章: