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Spirituality The great Buddha has preached his disciples to follow the eight vital factors in life. According to his preach one should not tell lie in his life for any reason. One should not steel, one should not have desire and one should not blame others for his misfortune. All the eight basic values of life is still followed by the Buddhists in their lives. They are also having the tradition that they should wear the Buddha jewelry while they are worshipping and also during all time for getting spiritual support. The ladies in Buddhist religion would wear buddha necklace to adorn their necks. They wear Buddha bangles, Buddha pendants and Buddha bracelets in their body to show their love and respect to the Lord Buddha. There is a belief in our people"s mind that they get more will power and spiritual strength when they wear the jewelry containing their God and Goddess portraits and pendants. Hence the ladies give more money for buying the Buddha jewelry for them. They buy the Buddha jewelry carrying the different Buddha like laughing Buddha pendant, meditating Buddha necklaces, abayamudra Buddha necklaces and many more jewelry. When they go to temples they do bajans and chanting their traditional prayers wearing the Buddha jewels. There is high value for Buddha beads and Buddha chains made in red coral etc., Ladies have to live with courage and extra strength to win the cruel activities in the world. They always pray for their family members. They celebrate many auspicious days and ask their family members to participate in those prayers wearing the Buddha jewelry. They buy and give Buddha chains with Buddha pendants to the male members and for lady members they buy the buddha necklace in different beads and gold metal. There are silver chains with Buddha beads and pendants worn by the ladies while they go out or while they offer their prayers to the God. Young children wear small Buddha jewelry in their tiny hands. They are repeating the slogas chanted by their parents at the temples. The Buddhists do meditation for long hours in temples and in the meditation centers. The people get serene feeling when they are sitting and spending their time in the quiet places where the Buddha statues are installed for worship. There are innumerable visitors visit these popular shrines wearing Buddha jewels with their whole family and relatives. The devotees get mental strength by wearing the buddha necklace and praying Buddha with reverence and in good faith. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: