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Watch: Crawford theme nights! No contribution is still the protagonist [score] iconic crossover! To stun the opponent in November 9th Losangeles sports Tencent layup Crawford (reporter Wen old) before the game, Jamal Crawford was the team warm-up halfway to arrange the meeting to give the fans signature photo: tonight is Crawford Bobblehead night scene before ten thousand fans will get a Bobblehead league with three best sixth. The elegant style, change to dribble the elusive shooting guard was busy, waiting for courtside fans signed photo, surrounded by fans during his greeting behind that some feel left out to African aunt generation of female fans, "Hey, don’t worry, I’ll have to!" The clippers and the Blazers battle is Crawford Bobblehead night brought Crawford, he had to mention the elusive change to dribble stop jump shot after playing each other, but not the six grams solution must not know under the gorgeous basketball skills, he was recognized as the most modest team player most amiable and easy of approach. As he once said, "God has given me everything by basketball, and I can’t refuse a request for autographs or pictures." The start of the game, the Clippers in the first section of the tenacious defense of the establishment of the lead twenty minutes and sharp attack, eventually the match ended in a 111-80 gap between the total score in the Clippers control. Crawford’s offense is weak, but it is worth mentioning that, at the end of the first quarter, when the Blazers threw a long pass to the success of the defense Zhise frontcourt quick counterattack, Griffin aware of the opponent’s next, leaping to off from the air, but the ball is so high that he could not broken, but surprisingly, behind a few meters after Crawford also noticed this ball, a quick cross jump off the ball to get the ball back. It is this two concentric benefit payments of the spirit, let the Clippers in the last game against the pistons win, again in the game early victory. Review of Crawford is full of stray color occupation career, he was the eighth pick in the first round of the Cleveland Cavaliers selected, the day was traded to the Chicago bulls, occupation career started from there, after four years in New York, Nicks established himself as a good scorer position, but after the five season Nicks a few years, he was removed wandering Jinzhou warriors a year, there was an old Donelson told us back, too crowded, he only chose to leave or passively waiting for the transaction; he was in Atlanta eagle, in his entire ten years later won the first playoff tickets themselves, also won the first best sixth the trophy for himself; he went to Portland to work with the Blazers and buddy Roy, Roy has announced his retirement in the end of this season, barely The shrinking of the season again on your way down. Finally he came to Losangeles and stayed there for fourth years. The Clippers are lucky, they get a most willing to continue to sit on the bench of the star players, Jamal brought flexibility and thick depth to the Clippers back. Crawford was lucky, even though he was.相关的主题文章: