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Visit AIDS patients in SARS ward Yue won the praise of Health Science – Sohu   entertainment; Yue Yue interview HPV infection Sohu entertainment news recently, female anchor Yue Yue into the Beijing Ditan Hospital, director of Dermatology and skin to doctor Liu Yanchun, for the audience a comprehensive interpretation of the HPV, HIV virus. Not only that, Yue Yue also led users visited the SARS ward, red ribbon exhibition, to guide the audience to face infectious diseases and infectious diseases. Secret HPV virus interview HPV patients intimate privacy according to authoritative data show that 7 of women have been infected with the HPV virus, then what is the HPV virus? This time Yue Yue went to Beijing Ditan Hospital for the audience a comprehensive interpretation of the HPV virus. The program, Yue Yue invited Liu Yanchun, director of Dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases, from the display of relevant cases, the simulation of the process of consultation to close to the daily life of the solution, a comprehensive explanation of the HPV virus. Show not only the science of basic knowledge, but also for the majority of users of answering questions, by the users alike. We have said: by science, and did not understand, this program is really useful. It is worth mentioning that this program also interviewed three patients with HPV, patients who through their own experience, appealed to the audience to pay attention to health and virus, abstinence, encounter infectious diseases should actively respond to treatment. The program group in order to protect the privacy of the patient, not only to prepare a mask intimate, but also the way to take back to the interview, these details have also received praise audience. Program team is stressed that the correct understanding of infectious diseases, the correct treatment of infectious disease patients with health knowledge is equally important. Yue Yue "come" for public health science: make yourself and love the people health according to statistics, in 2015 China new cases of cervical cancer in 98 thousand and 900 cases, 30 thousand and 500 deaths, these shocking figures also remind us that health care for women is imminent. At the same time, the author also aims to convey the correct concept of sexual morality, call on the public to pay attention to women’s health problems, and promote healthy sexual life. In addition to the knowledge of HPV, this program also led the audience to visit Zhongyue Yue Ditan Hospital Red Ribbon exhibition, close contact with the patients with HIV, transfer the right idea along with AIDS patients to more people. Why do you choose this topic for the program, Yue Yue said his original intention is to let you know that these lives often appear, but also ashamed to mention the disease, so that we better protect themselves. Whether it is a comprehensive interpretation of HPV, HIV virus, or to guide the public to correctly understand the HPV, HIV virus, is the hope that the public through the "Yue Yue", so that their own and love more healthy.相关的主题文章: