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Alert "to be satisfied with the new network poll farce – in September 20th Changsha new media news (reporter Shuai Cai) recently, Hunan Xiangyin County Street Caoxi Hong Kong Peng Jia Cun village cadres to the bonus money, received a telephone poll disturbance to residents, the indicators are full, you can get cash back satisfied. Reward. Reporters from the Xiangyin Wuning County propaganda department and the Hong Kong and Xiangyin County Street office learned that this is true, has stopped the illegal practice, and related personnel to seriously deal with. The poll allowed public evaluation of basic social order and social construction effectiveness, the purpose is to provide the true feelings for the government performance evaluation and decision-making mechanism of social security, build the external responsibility of government, intended to ask the government to the people, ask for people to ask for people to ask for the people. However, a number of local organizations to carry out the poll, or cash reward manipulation of public opinion, or a unified prompt standard answer, the masses are satisfied, so that polls become a farce. Some experts believe that the frequent poll fraud phenomenon, rooted in the poll results and the performance evaluation of local officials and job accountability is difficult to avoid the hook, driven by the interests of local officials or officials of the resort to deceit, the essence of "political impulse" and "political competition between regions". The poll is an important bridge of government public communication, provides an effective platform for grassroots voices and express their views, both the government and the favorable channel benefit by mutual discussion, is the aggregation of public opinion. To avoid public opinion is satisfied, the poll can not go through the field". Only by maintaining the real, objective and effective public opinion polls, the public’s right to evaluation, expression and supervision of public governance can be effectively maintained, and the performance of government departments will be improved.相关的主题文章: