Victory in 16164 recommendation difficult to have a twin – winning Tekebo Borussia Sohu winavi

Victory in 16164 recommendation: difficult to have a twin – winning Tekebo Borussia 1 Sohu, QPR’s Brent VS recommended: 0 Queens Park Rangers on the wheel’s 0-1 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday, stop the League unbeaten in 5, the last 10 matches only two victories. The last round of home court and Brent 0-2 not enemy Barnes Leigh, nearly 4 round 2 flat 2 negative continuous winless, nearly 6 rounds only beat Redding record last strength. The two teams last season championship two round clash, Rangers 1 wins and 1 losses, which won 3-0 home court. The Bet365 from the Rangers chupan Lord let hemisphere high water level drop plate main let deuce plate high water, make more efforts and lack of theory; a middle well-matched in strength of the war, the Queens Park Rangers in a few bets no advantage, I am afraid it is difficult to beat the opponent. 2, VS  Monchengladbach; Frankfurt   recommended: 1 in Frankfurt is really not what the team strength is too strong. Team players have what big players. But they are better than the players. Goals and assists are evenly distributed. But in recent games, they attack very well, home court is actually 2 2 draw with a strong team of Bayern. But also to 3 3 draw with good state of Berlin Herta. This game of their rivals Borussia, continuous multi line operation. Its physical strength is a problem. Next week against the Celtics, the game is a distraction. So the author suggests that we should look again. At present, many found water increases, the more premium bets. Naturally can not take it for granted that the home team must have the advantage. What’s more, the situation is better than the. 3, Bielefeld VS Sander Haosen recommended: 10 Sander Hallson recently lost only 8 games 1 games, team recently won only 8 games 1 games. Bielefeld goalkeeper Sander Hallson career 6 times in the face of the United States and the United States and the United States in the face of the opponent, and the maximum loss of up to 1 goals per game. Asian mainstream company common to the Lord let flat half high water opening, is not consistent with the scale trend, market outlook to reduce disk main let deuce low water, reduce the confidence of the home team, the Bielefeld the 10 round of the season finished without a win, the real embodiment of disc back plate for the home team get the ball to Sander Hallson, the last 6 games to keep unbeaten, steady state, the stranger, retreats problem. 4, Dresden VS Brunswick: recommended 10 Dresden in the German Cup play against Bielefeld lose many games unbeaten momentum ended. Brunswick is the first highest in the second division. The team in the last round of League 1-0 beat Fuerth, made 2 in a row, and keep a clean sheet. Europe, the William Hill 2.60 out of 3.40 in 2.50, Dresden home court can not be overlooked, but their strength to capture Brunswick book is not easy, while the disk is relatively high negative wins for the restitution, institutions for the home team to win have concerns, more inclined to win. This suggested that Brunswick is expected to become, suggested two pingfu. 5, Munich VS 1860 AOE recommended: 10 mu.相关的主题文章: