UOB the euro dollar downside risk increases tsumori chisato

UOB: Euro dollar downside risks increase Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) – UOB (UOB) on Monday (August 29th), announced the analysis report of Euro dollar, pound, Australian dollar, $$$$and yen technology. Specific analysis is as follows: the euro dollar: look at the downside risk increases, but only below 1.1160 to turn bearish on Friday to watch, expects the euro will be in the 1.1190 1.1370 range trading. The euro rose to 1.1340 highs, then fell sharply and closed near the low of 1.1195. The short-term risk is clearly biased downward, but in turn bearish before the exchange rate fell below 1.1160 to see clearly. The next one to two, unless the euro can rise and wear above the top of the 1.1240, otherwise the probability of this trend will be quite high. GBPUSD: short-term bullish peaked risk and increasing sharply on Friday fell to the current bullish view brings bad omen. The risk of short-term exposure increased, but only below 1.3100 indicates that the bullish phase has ended. This could happen unless the pound is above 1.3210. The Australian Dollar: since the initial target in turn bearish look flat 0.7485 on Friday fell below 0.7560 Australian dollars not only strong support, and the level of income below. This shows that the Australian dollar is facing further downward pressure, is expected to continue to decline to 0.7485. The dollar rose to 0.7630 above the need to show that bearish expectations is wrong, the exchange rate to maintain the current momentum. NZD $: see turn bearish is expected to fall below 0.7170 on Friday the NZD was refreshed this year high above $0.7380, followed by a sharp twist rally, closed sharply lower than 0.7235. This is a bearish reversal is enough to show that the exchange rate has peaked. Downstream target is located at 0.7170. Strong resistance at 0.7260, but only rose to the top 0.7310 only shows that the bearish view is wrong. U.S. dollar yen: from the perspective of the transition to bullish rally or will be subject to 102.80 on Friday turned flat, after the material is not expected to pick up the head of a large number of easy breakdown of a series of major resistance position. The outlook for the dollar to rise, but the seemingly most rally has been completed, the rally may be in 102.80 (small peak earlier this month at the beginning) inhibited. The exchange rate will drop to below 101 in order to maintain the current bullish momentum. Beijing time 2:37, the euro was reported at 1.1189, the pound was at $1.3112, the Australian dollar was at $0.7577, and the New Zealand dollar was at $0.7259, at $101.88. Proof: Jun bin into [shares] discuss Sina Finance相关的主题文章: