U.S. think tank the U.S. economy into recession in 2019 alienware m17x

American think-tank: 2019 U.S. economic recession reporter and Beijing reported the United States presidential election has entered the final sprint stage. In September 7th, the Economist Intelligence Agency released a report on the election of the United States (hereinafter referred to as the report), predicted Hilary · Clinton will win the presidential election in 2016, but she will only be in office for a term. The report pointed out that in 2019 the business cycle will be reversed, the U.S. economy will be depressed depression, if the external impact of the time point or will advance. The report predicts that by the end of 2018 the U.S. economy will overheat, when the labor market will be close to full employment, consumer price inflation will exceed 2%, the Fed’s tightening monetary policy will lag. "The 2020 election, voters will not for the government to maintain economic growth and thus greatly disappointed, abandon the Democratic party." Lake Joseph says. Around the U.S. election related issues, the twenty-first Century economic report in Beijing, the person in charge of the report, the economist think tank economist Joseph Lake conducted an exclusive interview. Trump won the odds of only 25% in twenty-first Century: the report predicts that Hilary will win the presidential election, but will not be elected as the British and the United Kingdom to become the same as the black swan incident in Europe? How much chance? Joseph Lake: the situation in the United States and the United Kingdom referendum referendum is completely different. Britain is very close to the polls before the European approval rate, there is no obvious gap, we are optimistic about the expected. But the latest polls show Hilary ahead of the U.S. presidential election, the two candidates are known to every family in the United States, it is difficult to change the minds of the voters the impression, so I want to win back support is very difficult in the next few weeks Trump, this situation is more obvious than in europe. But the risk can not be completely ruled out. We believe that the probability of winning the Trump for about 25% weeks before the election, if the occurrence of disruptive events may affect the election, such as the occurrence of large-scale terrorist attacks. Polls show voters more panic after the terrorist attack, the more inclined to choose the priority of national security hawks leader. Another chance for Trump is a major mistake in the Hilary campaign. As of now, the mail leak door "in the content and not what the real damage to Hilary’s chances of being elected, we believe that Trump will continue to use this issue against Hilary in the next two months, but unless messages really has irreparably exposed, otherwise there will be a big impact. "Twenty-first Century": Hilary will only be in office for a term based on what factors to judge? Joseph Lake: The Economist Intelligence Unit predicts the politics and economy of the 200 countries in the world over the next five years, and we judge that the US economy will enter recession in 2019. The U.S. economy has expanded for 7 consecutive years, from a number of trends, the U.S. economy is still healthy, but also for the development of the past 3 years, the 2019 will gradually into recession. The reason is similar to previous recessions, interest rates will curb domestic demand, external shocks may be worse. So by the time of the general election in 2020, the unemployment rate in the United States will rise, and the people are dissatisfied with the government.相关的主题文章: