Two major new trends in data secrets or a phenomenon of a historical law

The new trend of secret main two big data phenomenon or true historical law Thursday the two cities index trend is lackluster, neither black nor curse on continued rebound rally. Stock index full day amplitude of only 10 points. Such a situation so that some investors drowsy, will greatly reduce the operation. On the other hand, the main body of the recent action which is worthy of our attention? The following two data revealed the latest trends in the main body: first, market factors in the superposition of new regulations under the August private equity products overall issue 254, the chain dropped 82%., which to some extent reflects the private institutions change " " to open the main force in September the new funds will shrink small; second, the positions of the Shanghai 50ETF option to record highs in the near future, show that the main venue of the market in September is expected to increase in uncertainty, trying to open bearish options to hedge A shares may have a downside risk. Therefore, the main body, whether it is the financial strength or willingness to maintain cautious optimism, which also makes the market since August 15th has always been difficult peatlands Changyang. Disk, although the concept of PPP rose after a continuous rise, the plate began to differentiate, but the leading shares are still strong and strong, money effect is not good. We have repeatedly analysis to the PPP project, backed by local government trillion order support, and constantly promote the high-level frequently published documents, the long-term logic is difficult to falsification, not only won the favor of short-term capital, the main institutions in more long-term quietly layout. There is violence two even board Han Jian River plate; also have sustained upward shocks, the stock price from the 17 block was over three times higher highs and continued to take environmental trimer; midline, three-dimensional silk trend has not broken, the price range also rose more than 40%, which shows that the theme will continue to give birth to more midline niugu. Guangzhou Bandung believes that a free volume, no hot line, intraday stock index once again touch line of little significance. Two years of red line market yesterday is not a small blow to the unsuccessful popularity, today’s Shanghai motherboard turnover serious decline, fell again to 160 billion level. From the point of view of the historical trend of the law, second days after the failure of the transaction market breakthrough will seriously shrinking, far not said that the recent July 14th, August 17th is. So today a small amount of candle is once again fulfilled the laws of history, the market will once again enter the next sustained concussion pattern? If tomorrow prev can break position Wednesday’s high of 3107 points, then the stock index will continue to raise the top showing a trend, but also need to pay close attention to volume, if the volume will appear better, then the law is broken. In addition to the above mentioned PPP concept, there is a class of shares are also worthy of our attention. Just in the past, the market situation in the city will be fried in the past year, the newspaper market speculation slightly dim. Although the birth of environmental trimer such line big bull stock, but more reported brisk performance both in small cap stocks theme activity but due to pre concussion index and neglect. As the market entered the " Kim Gu, " three quarterly advance by stocks speculation has already started, investors may wish to layout. ]相关的主题文章: