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Home-Securtiy It is no more news that crime rates have increased in recent times due to the economic downturn, unemployment and sheer wickedness of some sick people who take pleasure in robbing others. What is however unfortunate is that many homeowners are not taking active measure to protect themselves from such home burglary and attacks. The truth is, no matter the effort of the authorities and law enforcement agents, it is going to be almost impossible for them to totally eliminate crimes completely. If that were possible, the world would have been a safe haven, terrorism, and stealing would have been a thing of the past. Alas, it is not so. Therefore, a smart homeowner would want to protect himself and family from unwanted visitors. If you have seen this old movie Oceans 11, 12 and 13, you’d realize how professional thieves and burglars can be. They can go to any length to break into a home or business premises no matter how hard it seems? it’s their job and they seem to be very good at it. Interestingly, new technology is catching up with them. There are security cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom on faces to detect intrusion on your business premise. These cameras are not restricted to homes and business, they cam be used anywhere. For example, there was a report of how church security system captured a woman stealing in church and another motion-activated business camera captured a policeman pants down with a woman on someone’s business premise. If you think that’s all, then you need to see how another camera security system captured a woman on destructive rampage in a store! Installing security and surveillance systems may cost you some money but it will be better if you consider it an initial investment to secure your properties. There are however some very affordable systems with excellent functions. The secret of having a complete security system is to start small, one or two additional cameras at a time. You may even supplement your outdoor cameras with few $20 motion-tracker fake surveillance cameras to scare off would be intruders. While some hardened criminals would still go ahead with their planned attack, the good news is you are now smarter than them, and you are catching all their moves, recording them on video. This could be excellent evidence needed by the police to identify him. It is interesting to read what an ex-criminal said during the confession to know if one day, criminals can outsmart burglar security systems. Ensuring tight security and protection for your home and business requires that you take proactive measures such as installing video security systems. Homes are great investments, however, much more important are the lives living in those homes. Do not wait till crime or burglary occur in your home before taking steps to secure your valuables. Get an insight into how future home video monitoring systems will emerge. Leverage the rapidly emerging technologies and ensure a grade A level of security for your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: