Those things affect the shaping effect of hyaluronic acid

Effect of hyaluronic acid and shaping effect that the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Pictures from the network this ha good stuff, everyone knows, moisturizing, wrinkle, shaping, concave convex to where where, where is the convex and convex where, immediately. Safety, small trauma, quick recovery, so many girls choose to use it to nose, chin Feng, today V to talk about those things you influence the shaping effect of hyaluronic acid. Pictures from the network you are suitable for the use of hyaluronic acid did indeed shaping hyaluronic acid has a wide application, but can not solve all the facial defects. Rhinoplasty? Indications specific to the nose, the nose is the bone and the cartilage structure, need support, and hyaluronic acid is colloid, can not play the role of supporting, and with time gradually absorbed by human body, so the injection rhinoplasty effect will gradually have stereo feeling, sense of contour is not obvious problems. So it is more suitable for a certain basis of nasal populations, such as the bridge of the nose the whole is not very low, but the local low line is not smooth or local people. If your whole nose is very low, to use the hyaluronic acid augmentation, requires considerable dose of injection. For a lot of nasal type such as short nose, long nose, hump nose, nose, nose wide and so on are unable to solve. But otherwise it is prohibited injection of hyaluronic acid nose, may lead to serious complications of the endovascular embolization. Data figure? Chin Feng indications of hyaluronic acid can not only increase the chin, chin volume, also can improve the skin surface profile, such as chin soft tissue relaxation, mandibular labial sulcus and by deepening and the formation of skin aging and wrinkles, the aging problem is the prosthesis augmentation can not solve. Similarly, the hyaluronic acid gel, in the injection site tend to be rounded, not easy to form a prominent chin in front of or below the support force, so also suitable for some of the "foundation" of chin. Hyaluronic acid for mild chin chin deformity, pain, do not accept the prosthesis in the crowd. Data figure shaping can really choose hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid now is not what shaping new things, many people had heard, however, there are various types of hyaluronic acid and a lot of people do not know. The size of molecular weight, degree of crosslinking and so on are the effects of hyaluronic acid products indication factors, I wonder what you know, there is a type of product will be able to solve all the problems. ? the first to talk about general degree of crosslinking hyaluronic acid is a component of the human body, but individual molecules of hyaluronic acid metabolism in the human body cycle in about 24 hours, that is to say you injections of hyaluronic acid without any technical processing level, will be absorbed quickly. And we are now used for shaping and filling of fine lines can be retained for about half a year or even ha more than a year’s time, this is because of the existence of cross-linking agent, cross-linking agent to the manufacturer. The molecular level of hyaluronic acid together, so that their human body exists hyaluronic acid soluble enzyme in the degradation process of hyaluronic acid only the degradation of layers, the equivalent of stripping cabbage feeling, the higher the degree of cross linking.相关的主题文章: