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The six Hubei government departments are muckraking officials sweating cop on September 21st at 9:30 in the morning, sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the provincial supervision department, provincial council office of the governor to perform their duties as to promote the development of "2016 Hubei media asked the government" in Hubei radio and television studio hall. Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the Department of agriculture, public resources trading Supervision Bureau, the IRS, forestry department, the six departments responsible person to the scene to accept questions. A total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan, not only by flagging approval to start the project; bid does not have the qualification of the enterprise successful government procurement; there are long dead villagers still receive cropland to forest subsidy "supernatural events". More than 2 hours of programs, 10 unannounced visits short, exposes many problems of the six departments in the daily work. On the basis of a "pass" built "dream Valley" in Xiangyang Laohekou City, many people reflect the city propaganda once put up a pageantry of the Chinese dream Valley project, started in 2013, but now the long idle shutdown, large tracts of land occupied. In the Chinese dream valley construction site, unannounced visits to see is: a visitor experience center alone stands over, no one around the large plots, weeds, garbage four cloth, a mess. The survey found, Laohekou City Planning Bureau, according to a "pass", the approval of the tourist experience center planning, the project has not yet approved circumstances, has put up a pageantry construction, then the project shut down because of funding problems. Asked the executive vice mayor Zheng reaction Laohekou City Municipal Committee Wu Jun without due process protection, finally will be a lesson not now very profound is a good wish and intention, if there is no guarantee of due process, will eventually backfire. As the investment side, not responsible for the economic feasibility of the project; as our local government, in the investment process, should respect the basic construction procedure, and not with the investment agreement to perform. Preliminary work is not in place, to make up for the late, that is, plus the wrong wrong, it is difficult to solve. Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission, party secretary Li Lecheng, back to the future we will earnestly rectification during 12th Five-Year, we made a total of 475 lutiao". Today we’ll have to go back and carefully to double check. The other is the regulatory issues, we will do a good job after the rectification, we will be clear responsibility, clear time limit, do a good job related work. Laohekou this project, the local Party committee and government will seriously deal with. Our responsible person will also follow the supervision and guidance services. Huazhong University of Science and Technology Professor Chen spicy comments to the Crane put into place the tube to tube end flagging is actually the product of the reform is not complete in the process of reform of the investment system in china. In 2014, our development and Reform Department of further decentralization, cancel the flagging approval, to achieve the functions of the homing. But the key is to put into the bit, the tube to the end. According to the insider, the government procurement of Qianjiang, the successful bidder has a criminal record, do not have the qualifications. The survey also found that the purchase of the project reflects the various instruments of the process, the successful bidder baby相关的主题文章: