The postal savings supermarket season, Wyatt enjoy Saturday in the second quarter of 2016 519697

The postal savings supermarket leshare Saturday "season, the second quarter of 2016 sina finance > credit card; > > promotions; the postal savings supermarket leshare Saturday" season, the second quarter of 2016     09 2016 25 August   16:05    Bank: the postal savings bank time: January 3, 2017 Venue: Jiangxi time: object to day month year: Jiangxi Province Postal Savings Bank Credit Card Cardholder activity content: 1 yuan (including spending every Saturday) minus yuan every Saturday to the postal savings bank credit card to Huarun million, Guoguang, Liansheng, Grand View Garden supermarket single card spending (including the full Yuan minus yuan). 2 Wyatt enjoy full day consumption yuan (inclusive) minus the Qixi Festival yuan (July), the Mid Autumn Festival (September 15-17), National Day (1-7), the Double Ninth Festival (July), double eleven (July), Christmas (month, day, new year’s Day (April 1-3) the postal savings credit card) to single spending minus yuan (inclusive). 3 "postal savings day" monthly consumption at a half off discount to the postal savings credit card monthly consumption of any amount to enjoy half off discount, the yuan (inclusive) cap. Specific merchant information please click: annex activity rules: 1 activities from the date of the beginning of the year to date and the end of the day. 2 activities need to be used in the supermarket designated POS machines, a limited number of monthly activities of interest, are first come first served. During the 3 activities every day, enjoy the discount card, credit card, Card cardholders can participate in. 4 if every Saturday, Wyatt enjoy day "," postal savings "preferential overlap, with the highest preferential preferential activities prevail, only for the purchase of goods, not to buy shopping card. 5 of the activities of other matters at the same time by the "China Postal Savings Bank of RMB credit card (card) Regulations (Revised Edition)" and other related documents of constraints, participating customers as to all relevant rules and abide by the terms of this activity. Within the scope permitted by law, the Jiangxi branch of China postal savings bank will reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of this activity, delay or terminate the activity in advance, and reserve the right of final interpretation of this event. Comments are welcome to share:相关的主题文章: