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The next section is not the first element folk festival farmhouse "vegetarian three official" for good weather – Beijing new network in Beijing in November 14, (Shangguan) on the 15th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is "Yuan Festival", the legend of this festival is the birth of the Taoist "water officer", on this day, the temple will often do Dojo undead. Later evolved into the folk worship ancestors, the ancestors of the remembrance day. Beijing folklore association secretary general Gao Wei said, the good folk must inherit this festival, should be through the government, folk workers will guide, and modern lifestyle habits together. The Yuan Festival was not originally a folk festival. Gao Wei introduced its origin and Taoism related. The three day, officer, officer officer, officer of water, that day official blessing, officer of sins, official water solution. Three, the birth day of the lunar month were fifteen, July fifteen, October fifteen, three days are called the "Lantern Festival", "Ghost Festival", "yuan festival". "Because the autumn climate characteristics, caused people psychological changes, needs and emotional communication in order to comfort ancestors. At the same time, autumn is the harvest season, in order to Thanksgiving ancestors, people choose to sacrifice in the next Yuan Festival ancestors. Therefore, the next Yuan Festival into a festival to express the feelings of folklore." Explained the high road. Data figure: the 15th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar is the traditional festival China Ghost Festival, "Yi Wei Ghost Festival ancestor worship ceremony in Shanxi Hongdong big tree worship Park held from thousands of descendants of immigrants at home and abroad gathered under the big tree, with offerings of immigrant ancestors related words, ancestral roots of feelings. Ren Yanwei photographed the origin of the yuan, also recorded in ancient books. "The customs will" cloud: "in October, Wang Yuan for the next day, the water solution of the palace vulgar Chuan Chen, also Chizhai chanting’." On this day, Taoist temple, folk worship and pray for the dead, under water officer to solve problems. Similarly, Wu Zimu song, "dream Liang Lu" wrote: "(October) fifteen, the official water solution on the temple Shishu, vegetarian Jiao, or solution, or recommended death." In the past, in the private sector, under the Yuan Festival this day, there are folk craftsmen offering furnace God custom, God is the furnace. According to public information, in the Changzhou area, because it belongs to the Yangtze River Delta, many rural rice, fishing boat, sideline driving ship and so on all have a deep relationship with "water", "water on the farm so the official birthday special attention," more than this "three vegetarian officer" (Ji Sitian, officer, officer Shuiguan), pray for good weather, peace and prosperity. Due to the spread of the official water solution "argument, namely every yuan day, water to patrol officer people of good and evil, to lift the door of disaster, therefore, every family will be decorated, the hang of the lantern, and where fish fruit and other objects in the light. "In Yuan Festival, with Taoist temple to do, an activity period." Gao Wei said, later, Yuan Festival gradually become an ancestor worship in folk life, people will be on this day for the death of their ancestors. The sustenance of elders yearning. Mention how the tradition of the cultural connotation of traditional festivals, Gao Wei said that the people in the street under the metaverse burning sacrifice, in fact, neither safe nor health, not enough to express the thoughts of their ancestors, "old customs)相关的主题文章: