The Neonatal Nurse Is In Huge Demand-restorator

Careers-Employment Prenatal and neonatal infant care has long been known to be vitally important for healthy baby development. Studies have proven this fact repeatedly, and the nursing profession has responded by designating a specialty, the neonatal nurse, that focuses its efforts on the newborn. The neonatal nurse is one who specializes in the care of the premature or critically ill newborn in order to give it the best opportunity to develop as normal as possible. The challenges of a career as a neonatal nurse includes working closely with worried parents, neonatologists, and other medical specialties in order to provide ream oriented health care to this fragile patient population. Neonatal nurses can be found in hospitals, clinical environments (including community care centers), and neonatal intensive care facilities. There are even neonatal nurse specialists who work in the area of medical research, or who serve as educators or consultants. Neonatal nurses play roles in three principal areas. The first is caring for the healthy newborn, but as more hospitals maintain birthing suites where the baby stays with the mother constantly from the moment of birth, this type of neonatal nurse job is on the decline. The neonatal nurse that works in what’s called the NICU, or neonatal intensive care unit, has the most demanding type of work due to the complexity of the advanced life saving equipment and having to teach parents the best ways to care for their sick children. Registered nurses with bachelor’s degrees in nursing science, and who are certified in neonatal care, may serve as neonatal nurses. The next level of neonatal nursing care is that of the neonatal nurse practitioner, which requires a master’s degree in nursing science to prepare the nurse to obtain a license as a Nurse Practitioner. Depending upon the state in which the nurse lives, other state-sanctioned requirements may apply as well. As a result of the increased levels of education required for this position, the median annual salary for this branch of nursing can reach as high as eighty thousand dollars. In some countries, the salary can range as high as six figures. Large numbers of qualified neonatal nurses are in high demand due to almost forty thousand premature babies being born each year in the US alone. Infant survivability has steadily risen over the last few decades due to the specialized teams of neonatal professionals, and the neonatal nurse. If that trend is to continue, however, the growing demand for new neonatal nurse professionals will have to be addressed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: