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Home-Securtiy The LED strobe we often associate with emergency vehicles used to be Halogen lights or HID as they are otherwise know (high intensity discharge) lights. Although these were effective, they have nowhere near the light output of the modern day LED strobe light. Strobe lights can be programmed with different light patterns, and the flashing of a strobe can act as hazard warnings not just on emergency vehicles but on vehicles used for construction sites or even municipal vehicles. The very simplest of LED strobe is programmable which means they can flash slowly, continuous or with a mixture of different speeds. The most common colors of strobe lights are red, blue, amber and white, and they can come in mixed color combinations so can suit any emergency or other vehicle. Visually a strobe light can make moving objects appear stationary so they were often used in photography to great effect. Strobe lights are also used in many nightclubs to very good effect with ultra-violet light. Therefore, as you begin to see the very humble seeming LED strobe light is anything but humble or simple. The LED strobe lights are invaluable on emergency vehicles and they come in a variety of different units. The strobe lights can be permanently mounted on the roof of vehicles. Alternatively, there are smaller dash and visor models that can be used internally on a vehicle. Most LED strobe light units can even be used temporarily by plugging into a vehicles cigarette lighter adaptor. There are also some magnetically mounted versions that can be used when the vehicle needs the addition of a bright hazard warning. There are some models of LED strobe that can be built into the head or taillights of a vehicle and this type of strobe could be used by undercover police. Such lights as these are termed concealed, as they are not visible until activated by an officer. This can make the difference between an effective pursuit and a failed pursuit. A vehicle being followed by an undercover car will not know that it is a police vehicle until the LED strobe light is activated. At this point, the officers should have been able to track the vehicle and pull it over. There is an array of LED strobe models from handheld to permanent feature on a vehicle. The handheld units are useful as emergency lighting for any vehicle and they are often carried so they can be used to warn other vehicles that there is a stationary vehicle ahead on the road. Anyone can purchase a LED strobe light and there are perfectly legitimate reasons for having one at home or in your automobile. One use for your handheld strobe would be at party time at home. It could be programmed to flash in time with any music playing, so you have a fun and an effective emergency light all in one! About the Author: and many other items like Flashlights, Dash Lights, Deck Lights, etc. Please visit the site for more details of various items available – Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: