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The missing and false police woman 3 years after his father cheated 13 thousand (Figure) false police were on the spot with the new culture news (reporter Xing Yang Intern Zhao Jiaorao) September 2nd, Siping Municipal Public Security Bureau of Tiedong Public Security Bureau police station received seven road area of the masses of Wang Xue (a pseudonym) report that in January 2015, in Tiedong District, a residential property is in front of the door a man claiming to be the Tiedong Public Security Bureau Public Security Department of the man police fraud cash more than 1.3 yuan, the man often uniform and called "dong". Since the case is related to the image of the police, and involves a huge amount of money to the victim, seven road police leaders attach great importance to the immediate deployment of the case investigation. At the same time, Zhang Jingsong, director of the case to the branch secretary Li Bingchen made a report, the seven police station in the road to the police in the shortest possible time to find out the facts of the case of the case, the Secretary of the office of the Secretary of the Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of China, the Ministry of Finance and the State Council, the Ministry of finance, and the. The police investigation after a preliminary understanding, and Wang Xue suspects Dongmou in 2013 by WeChat know and have male and female friend, in the meantime Dongmou has said he is the Tiedong Public Security Bureau police, often wearing uniforms, and equipped with "police ID card". The police are still Dongmou WeChat circle of friends found a lot of photos he dressed in police uniforms, and even a selfie was shot in front of the building of the public security bureau. 2015, Dongmou to apply for retirement formalities in the name of Wang Xue from the hands of his father cheated 13 thousand yuan in cash, the victim repeatedly asked for progress, but Dongmou with all kinds of excuses, and lose news in 2016. Since then, investigators also learned in the investigation, Dongmou has been in the eastern part of the iron to handle the name of the driver’s license fraud Lee 1200 yuan. In September 5, 2016 two, the police investigation at the end of the suspect, then of the two goal of the implementation of continuous dunshou. In September 6th 2 pm, the suspect Dongmou driving in a hotel near, when the suspect driving the vehicle to a junction, the police investigation will quickly open the front of the suspect vehicle to vehicle, will be forced to stop the car, and the car will suspect Dongmou control. In driving the Jetta car lights, seized 1 fake police certificate 1, fake license plate 2 vice, 1 pairs of handcuffs. According to the "Dong" confession, his real name is Dong Moumou, 33 years old, Gongzhuling people, and the implementation of fraud against the two public security personnel as confessed, also confessed to defraud others 5000 yuan of money for the children to go to school the facts of the crime. Currently, Dong Moumou has been under criminal detention by the public security organs according to law. Police tip: if you find yourself or around the relatives and friends had a similar situation, please contact with the Tiedong Public Security Bureau police station seven road. Contact person: police officer: 0434-3387618 18543410689 editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: