The journey into Versace, Medusa [eleven] – deadly temptation special tourism Sohu

The journey into Versace, Medusa [eleven] – deadly temptation special tourism Sohu this is the most I love the one point of view, has a slim arc pool and at dusk and the light, like a European palace building under the package, is stunning and sexy. This is the ancient Rome, Cleopatra’s leisure, or the pleasure of the Gorgon Medusa? Versace, the world’s unique design, where is full of deadly temptation. "From Italy brand Versace (Versace) the name full of temptation, not only created a unique fashion empire, Versace fashion products of every area of life. Clothing, jewelry, perfume, glasses, neckties, bags, furniture, porcelain, glassware, etc. These scarves can be seen in various luxury shops around the world have a single product but you may not know be not at all surprising that, Versace had personally designed two hotels — Versace Palace Hotel, a in Dubai, another in the Gold Coast in australia. The Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise known to the world, and this is the Paradise Hotel Versace classic a. The car drove up to the door of the hotel, from the entrance to the hall lay out on the road between the pebbles are imported from Italy, and by the manual selection of paved, expensive as can be imagined. The hotel lobby is a combination of appearance and design characteristics of European palace and the traditional Rome period of ancient architectural features in the lobby, the most eye-catching is a colorful mosaic of Medusa head, then this classic Versace LOGO you can be seen everywhere in the hotel. The magnificent columns and ornate ceilings "in the lobby, and the dazzling lamp 750 kilogram chandelier, this is where the hotel, like into a Renaissance palace. The VIP Versace palace hotel occupancy for each, will be arrived at the Ruinart welcome champagne, Ruinart is the world’s oldest champagne producers around the world, it has become the preferred banquet on champagne. The Versace palace hotel room, gorgeous design, visible scenery; every detail impeccable. The desk with Versace’s new season magazine or postcards, so you always remember here by the name of "Versace". The bathroom shampoo, soap, towels and other toiletries, also is the mark of Versace brand the Gorgon Medusa’s head, which is a symbol of quality and luxury. The Versace Hotel Royal Suite, I found the cup bottom of the cup, depicting vividly the Medusa, I was deeply attracted. In fact, in the boutique hotel, you can buy a lot of printed with Versace LOGO furniture supplies or accessories, etc., but the price is not cheap. "Again, the Gold Coast hotel has two Versace Rolls-Royce, it is said that this is the only hotel in Australia two Rolls-Royce. Well, this time I opened a foreign stroke, took a Rolls-Royce to go for a ride. "Saying this custom car is not the same, inside outside相关的主题文章: