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The "hundred Team Cup" basketball ending: two hundred games – suction eye Beijing Beijing in Beijing in October 30, the Beijing evening news (reporter Wang Xi) 2016 "hundred Team Cup" youth basketball tournament 30 sunset under the curtain, against anything from some areas, to the final finals, one hundred Team Cup Basketball History. The first championship was born here. Since the founding of the Team Cup in 1984, the name of its youth football game has never been interrupted, has been held for 33 sessions. Until this year, the basketball game to achieve a hundred Team Cup in space and time on the expansion and continuation. Although the preparation time is very short, but also a brand new event, but in fact the hundred Team Cup registration work carried out smoothly, the final team full of one hundred teams. One hundred Team Cup Basketball Tournament is divided into two areas of East and West, with U10, U12, U14, U16, age four. In addition to the U10 age group with 4 to 4 format, the other groups all adopt the full 5 to 5 standard format. Competition points, the second half of each 12 minutes, take the system, any team took the lead to get the 21 points that end. It is worth mentioning that the tournament referee is the famous "Jinshao" Ma Lijun. In the 30 years of the career, Ma Lijun participated in many important domestic and international basketball tournament, many national games and the 28 session of the 29 session of the Beijing Olympic Games, greece. Won the "golden whistle Award" several times in the CBA and WCBA basketball occupation League, won the CBA "Ten Year Award" and "ten year award WCBA". The two weekend, a total of 212 games, in such a high density of the race, this year’s 100 cup youth basketball tournament ended. Event to start the ceremony, Beijing daily news chairman Fu Hua once said: "one hundred Team Cup junior basketball for the evening hundred Team Cup, has the sense of milepost, marking the hundred Team Cup content is more rich, more extensive coverage, more popular, more far-reaching social influence." Fu Hua firmly believe that the team will continue to do a hundred cups, do a hundred years of brand, a hundred years of legend. I hope the team cup basketball game, like football, to explore and cultivate a large number of basketball players, basketball players to become the cradle of growth in Beijing. (end)相关的主题文章: