The Guide To Learning English In A Planned Manner-seaway

Writing-and-Speaking Hello Readers, In this article we will be covering the topic "How to Improve your English". In the current times, Knowing of English is pretty much necessary. People looking to find new jobs needs to have good .munication skills specially if they plan to work in private sector. In our country we do face this issue of learning English as most of state government schools are of either Hindi medium or they follow their regional language. Candidates find this problem when they plan further studies after schooling. They find it difficult to cope up with the standards of an English coaching institute or a college. Instead of joining English Learning classes, people can improve their English on their own if they follow these simple steps given below. It is not that hard to learn English. If one can practice thoroughly then one can learn speaking and writing good English on their own. The English language is pretty much used almost everywhere in the world. It is the most .mon spoken/written language in the world. In India, the BPO/Call Center industry has grown so much that just after .pleting your 12th Class , You can get a decent job with a salary of around 12-15,000 Per month in a BPO , if you do posses good .munication skills. You will get into certain situations in your life where english is a must. therefore in order to get over those embarrassment, learning english is very much important these days. We wish best of luck to all the aspirants. Please read the given below points/tips and you can further improve your english. 1. Read English Newspapers Daily. The best way to start with is start reading english newspapers. The good english newspapers are written in advanced english and the students will find it very useful for them. Reading good and long articles on the newspapers will definitely help them. Start by reading a couple of articles daily and then extend it slowly to the full newspaper. It definitely helps a lot. 2. Watch English News Channels. Watching the English News Channels and English Program channels is also a good practice. Specially the shows about the debates. Candidates will also find these programs useful in terms of the new words they will learn while watching these shows. The debate shows will give you the information as how to argue in english and that too at a very good pace and also the quality of the words spoken is very good. Their are a number of good debate programs that airs on the english news channels in the prime-time. 3. Converse in English The first step to learn .plete english is to start conversing in whatever english they know. You will make mistakes, definitely, and also you may not be sounding correct. But, you will feel .fortable after some time and most importantly your confidence will boost up. The most important thing while speaking english is your confidence level. The more you speak in public the more your confidence will grow. Start with your friends. Tell them that you are learning english and you want to converse with them in english. It will also help them and they can also get good grip over english. Some of your friends might be having good .mand over english language. Its a good idea to spend more time with those friends and talking to them in english. You will gain confidence and also they can advise you on your mistakes. Don’t take it personally when they will stop you every now and then about your language as you might be incorrect at certain time. Take it as a lesson and try not to repeat those mistakes again. Friends circle will also help in some or another way. 4. Start writing your thoughts in English People who want to learn english can also start the procedure by starting to write in whatever english they know. Must be wondering what to write. Just go ahead and pen down your thoughts on anything. It may be any current affair topic, any latest news or controversy, or it may be about the latest movies that you have watched. The topics are endless. Just stop thinking and start writing. The more you read good english the more you will be identify errors in your english writing and then you can take steps to improve upon your own english.Start by writing one page daily in english about any topic. The more you will write the more you will be.e fluent in writing english. 5. Think in English ( My Best One) According to me the best way to start is to start thinking in English. We tends to speak what we think in our mind. And off course we do think in our most .fortable language. Start thinking in English. What will happen by thinking in english is that it will help you while conversing in english. We tends to speak what we are thinking. It will help us to converse in English. Just speak all the thought which you are having in your mind in english. Extra Tips for speaking/learning English. Apart from the above 5 ways that have been mentioned to learn english, students can also do other things which will brush up their english learning. They can also buy couple of good english grammar books and read it thoroughly and start practicing to write/speak english. Make notes in english. And after that .pare your writing. Keep a pocket english dictionary with them as it will be very useful to you. Well, as these steps if followed thoroughly will definitely improve the way you speak and write english, But their is one word which will make sure that you will succeed while doing this. " Practice ". As you must be knowing that there is no shortcut to learning. Therefore you are advised to follow these tips regularly and religiously and we assure you that your english will definitely improve on the way. We wish you best of luck for your career. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: