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The first college dance contest starts to fight champion dancers – Sohu entertainment         in September 19th, the first International Standard Dance Championship press conference held in Shanghai news center of Fudan University Zhengda gymnasium. Focus on public universities, the launch of the first international standard dance championship to Shanghai based cultural development fund for the development of innovation driven in Shanghai International Standard Dance Championship and WDC world championship, brings visual feast to the audience at the same time, vigorously promote the new concept of art education, provides a rare display and communication platform the majority of students in Colleges and universities. What is the interpretation of ballroom dancing to our growth and life? We must first meet the standard frame type to maintain, but also good, the equivalent of English to phonogram and words are ready, will it be possible to conduct dialogue and exchanges. Ballroom dancing is to teach us how to release your personality in an international context." If the real contact and into the ballroom, in contrast to good music, nice clothing, beautiful environment, dancing in the international top event on the stage, you can enjoy the nourishment of human nature. In foreign countries, such as Germany, will be the art education as a compulsory course in the education of adolescence, Latin dance as a normal way of interaction between boys and girls. Mr Zhang Ping hopes to launch the event, "raise a banner, let the dance to dignified and imposing into the university campus, so that students can really enjoy the pleasure of ballroom dancing." Zhang Ping, Professor of Beijing Dance Academy, member of the academic committee and graduate student tutor. It is reported that the first international standard ballroom dance championship is divided into four groups, namely, modern university dance, college Latin dance, modern university group dance and Latin dance group. And all registration fees will be used as charitable donations to support the development of cultural undertakings. Contest registration deadline for September 26, 2016, dancing youth, dream for the fight, want to enjoy the release of passion in November on the dance floor dancing real exercise and growth, must not miss the first international standard dance championship. For the first International Standard Dance Championship held by Fudan University, vice president of and Yin Dongmei, vice president of Fudan University, also expressed concern, and give strong support. Deputy Secretary of Fudan University, Ms. Han Xu said, "in the back of the previous events, impressed by the Fudan volunteers, we harvest friendship also feel like the warmth of home." In addition, she said, in the general education courses in Colleges and universities, but also pay more and more attention to the cultivation of art education in this regard, the Fudan University community is also very honored to participate in the world level ballroom dance championships. Fudan University National Association Association director Liu Yuchen, as the news conference host, also from the perspective of students do share. Ballroom dancing is a kind of language, is a kind of identity, not only in the different stages of life to bring you a different experience, but also to the people of the same hobby to find a collective warmth, the fun of the game." In news.相关的主题文章: