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The Basketball Association criticized Zhou Qi 4 as will be repeated on the spot will be suspended for Zhou Qi and Wang Zhelin Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 2nd, the recent "CBA storm" caused a stir, the earlier the company infront has submitted a letter to the Association for basketball violations, penalties related to pitch. China Association issued a formal notice to give informed criticism in violation of provisions of the dress in the first round of the Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin, Li Gen and Syria white 4 players, but not for. The following is the association specific notice: each participating Club: 2016-2017 season CBA League has cruised round, made in 2016, China Basketball Association has, Document No. 822 and before the joint meeting stressed the relevant provisions, still a few players in the first round of illegal equipment. The following specific violations: first, Fujian Xing Xun Club No. 31 player Wang Zhelin wore shoes with the specified tournament in the game, but the shoes on the logo on the cover, cover; two, Xinjiang Guanghui Club No. 9 player Zhou Qi in the warm-up before the game wearing shoes of competing products (labeling), after the end of the second quarter in game for the League race shoes, but race shoes logo on the cover, cover of league competition in the fourth quarter; three, Xinjiang Guanghui Club No. 1 player Li Gen, 9 players Zhou Qi, 13 players in the game without wearing the Koran Hornbeck League designated socks. Wang Zhelin Zhou Qi, the League race shoes logo cover, cover in violation of the "Regulations" 2016-2017CBA occupation League business promotion work Sixth third fifth points (players in wearing and use of equipment manufacturers League to provide products or equipment, shall not have any intentional coverage, cover and remove, modify, change the League designated equipment sponsor logo behavior). At the same time, this behavior has seriously infringed on the rights and interests of the League equipment sponsor, the equipment sponsor caused a very bad negative impact, disrupting the normal business order. For serious League discipline, protect the rights and interests of sponsors, according to the "2016-2017CBA occupation League disciplinary penalties" chapter tenth provisions of article fourth, to more than 4 players (Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin, Li Gen, give notice of criticism, such as the Koran Schoenberg) then this will, according to the "2016-2017CBA" occupation League disciplinary penalties second chapter fourth the regulations give the offending player suspended punishment on the spot. Hope that the club and the player a, in strict accordance with the provisions specified in the League league equipment maintenance team, the League sponsors rights. China Association in November 2, 2016相关的主题文章: