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"Temple No. two," the successful launch of Hunan great credit in September 15th, mid autumn night, "Temple No. two" was successfully launched, marking China into the space station era. Moment Jun to share with you today is that those people in Hunan as the "Temple No. two," the successful launch contributed a great power. Xu Dazhe: from a technician to the deputy commander, witness to our previous aerospace engineering task about "Tiangong two", the first thing to mention is the Hunan provincial Party committee deputy secretary and acting governor Xu Dazhe. Prior to working in Hunan, Xu Dazhe’s career has been closely linked with China’s aerospace industry. The Shenzhou spacecraft launched 10 times, Xu Dazhe is one of our previous space project participants, witnesses and implementers: November 20, 1999 launch of Shenzhou spacecraft test, he is China Academy of launch vehicle technology rocket assembly plant manager; January 10, 2001 launch of the Shenzhou two spacecraft, he is the director of the Chinese carrier rocket technology Research Institute in March 25, 2002 and December 30th; the launch of Shenzhou three, Shenzhou four, he is the deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in October 15, 2003; the Shenzhou five spacecraft launch, he is the first manned flight test brigade captain; June 11, 2013 Shenzhou ten flying, he is the chairman of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation; until the "Tiangong two" mission, as vice minister of the Ministry of industry, director of the National Defense Industry Bureau, China Director of National Space Administration Xu Dazhe, still served as project deputy commander, until his post in Hunan. Xu Dazhe from 1984 began to enter the space system, from the technician to grow as chairman of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, witnessed the development of China’s manned space program. In April 24th this year, to attend the first China Aerospace day press conference, Xu Dazhe introduced in detail the development of China’s space station planning. He said, we are now implementing the space lab plan, this year will launch Tiangong two, and the launch of the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft docking with the space laboratory and a series of tests. China plans to build its own space station around 2020. At that time, he also revealed that this year Chinese Mars mission officially approved plans in the "13th Five-Year" plan that dynasty, around 2020 to launch a satellite to mars. Xu Dazhe said, he has a special affection for the manned space engineering, especially love engineering Code "921" the number: Chinese Feng Ru first flew up into the blue sky day is September 21, 1909. Shenzhou launch, arrows sailing place Ejinaqi peaceful liberation in September 21, 1949. China first astronaut Yang Liwei completed flying feat the successful return of the day is the lunar calendar in September 21st. Xu Dazhe also love poetry Ming, before the launch of the Shenzhou five spacecraft in 2003, when the mid autumn festival. In the face of the vast Gobi desert, the magnificent mountains and rivers, the setting sun, a "arrow" into the sky. Ciqingcijing, Xu Dazhe watched the moonlight like water, wrote "where the most beautiful mid autumn months, the black river in Gobi. Round Chinese dream of flying, Shenzhou as arrows相关的主题文章: