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The temperature dropped 75 year old to buy food in autumn and winter alternating heart failure, myocardial infarction incidence faint appear shortness of breath to timely medical treatment 70 year old man carrying a basket to go on the road was suddenly become unconscious of syncope, family emergency sent from Tieling to Shenyang Military General Hospital Cardiovascular Medical rescue. The doctor warned that the elderly should pay special attention to the cold weather, if symptoms such as shortness of breath often appear in the daily life, must be timely medical treatment. 75 year old Lee’s mother lives in Tieling, Kaiyuan, in the home alone to buy food on the road suddenly syncope, carrying a food basket collapsed in the street. People passing by the elderly will be sent to the local hospital, the doctor told the family to contact, referral for treatment. Soon, Lee was sent to the General Hospital of Shenyang military region, the Department of Cardiology rescue. Han Yaling, director of cardiovascular medicine, was diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis after examination. "The initial symptoms of this disease may be chest pain, chest tightness, a long time may be frequent syncope." Han Yaling said that the disease is very dangerous for the elderly, because the elderly need to be under general anesthesia in the implementation of surgical thoracic surgery, many patients do not have the conditions of open surgery. Director Han Yaling led the team to study the patient’s condition repeatedly, taking into account the patient has 75 years of age, decided to take the most advanced international transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVR). In simple terms, is to open a small hole in the 6 mm with the inner thighs, while sending the catheter while sending the compressed prosthetic aortic valve, aortic valve disease reached the area, the artificial heart valve disease aortic valve release, the height of narrow instead of patients, so that patients with aortic valve "rebirth". "This procedure is very suitable for the elderly, even if the elderly, physical weakness, severe lesions, or with a variety of other diseases, can be treated by minimally invasive surgery." Han Yaling said that after the minimally invasive surgery 7~10 days can be discharged, the body recovered quickly. Han Yaling said that the incidence of aortic valve disease is second only to hypertension and coronary heart disease, is the third most common heart disease in the elderly, if not timely rescue after the onset, the mortality rate of up to 80%. Autumn and winter alternating room to pay attention to the daily reminder of the ventilation Han Yaling, autumn and winter alternating seasons, sudden heart failure, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease patients, and even sudden cardiac death of the population has increased. Han Yaling introduced, if the poor control of hypertension is likely to induce cardiovascular disease. The blood pressure changes with the season, the summer’s blood pressure is low, will increase some in the winter. The cold weather, the movement of people is relatively reduced, will also promote blood pressure. The doctor warned that if any of the following symptoms, to timely medical treatment, chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain in 1 daily life; 2 often syncope, limitedmovement, take a few minutes to breathe hard; 3 if diagnosed with heart severe aortic stenosis; 4 because of the limitation of can not accept surgical valve replacement surgery physical conditions; 5 to keep warm, every day, on the afternoon of the first room ventilation. Disclaimer of liability:.相关的主题文章: