Tax collection and management system, deep change, the first anniversary of the effectiveness of the

"Tax collection and management system of deep change" the first anniversary of the Guangdong pilot effective Beijing Beijing – September 24 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Guo Jun) "run a tax office, call a number, once ranked team, you can do business tax, one-time rent two, a lot of simple procedures, time saving many. And now you can apply online invoices, courier home!" Foshan 10000 Gas Co. Ltd. inspection staff Zou Na said recently during an interview with reporters. When she is in Foshan city Shunde district administrative service center of the tax with the tax service hall, less than 10 minutes she had done all the tax business. Guangdong to deepen the tax reform in recent years, the reporter found recently with the Guangdong tax department in Guangzhou Nansha, Foshan Shunde and other research, to create a "one-stop" United tax service hall, taxpayers into a door, do two things ", has become one of the reform initiatives in Guangdong since last year to start tax reform the most common taxpayer welcome. According to the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of the relevant person in charge, at present, Guangdong province has been fully shop rent and tax service hall founding. As of August this year, the province’s total of 865 entities to achieve national and local tax combined with the tax hall, the total number of the tax service hall 90%. The reporter saw a tax service in Guangzhou city of Nansha District full function hall, the taxpayer can not only handle the two end of state and local business in a window, but also can apply for tax related business in the hall is equipped with state and local tax self-service terminal. It is reported that since July 4th this year, the new joint tax promotion mode, Guangzhou City, Nansha District taxpayers in the United tax office for the business the average waiting time is reduced by 40%. Another reform pilot to build the national tax integration Electronic Tax Bureau formally launched in June this year, also welcomed by taxpayers. The first line of the platform on the first month, the province has 1 million 685 thousand and 200 tax payers through the network to declare, accounting for all of the declared 90.6%. Guangdong electronic tax bureau to reconstruct the state and local background processes, integrate all 832 tax related business, taxpayers login a platform can handle the two businesses, homes can complete the tax on the internet. In addition, the Guangdong tax department has also developed the WeChat, APP and other business tax tax. Guangdong Province Electronic Tax Bureau Tax online, mobile tax function is expected to reduce the number 75% to the taxpayer, reduce the taxpayer paper documents submitted to the 80%. In the experience of the electronic tax bureau "one-stop the whole process, the new experience of online tax, accountant, accounting firms in Foshan city and Deng Lingzhu said:" compared with the previous reporting platform, the whole Guangdong Province Electronic Tax Bureau to declare the operation more convenient, and can correct the declaration! No longer have to run the tax service hall declared correct." At the same time, in recent years, Guangdong tax department has made a series of important progress in deepening the tax silver interactive power Small and micro businesses, promote the development of classification management, the risk to taxpayers, tax inspection reform and promote national tax service development strategy. Experts pointed out that China launched last year to deepen the tax collection and management system reform, since 199)相关的主题文章: