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Stone maintenance method use marble wax five points of attention stone maintenance methods use marble wax five points of attention

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?? for maintenance of all kinds of natural stone surface wax cloud is a semi paste paste, the surface of the stone made marble wax, its gloss, smoothness and color will significantly increase the degree of fullness, good smooth effect. We need to pay attention to five points when using the cloud wax to make stone maintenance.

stone maintenance methods use marble wax five points of attention (pictures from the network)

? a, understanding maintenance interval

?? the long-term use of marble stone that wax may cause chlorosis. Marble wax transparent, red, yellow, black, brown and other colors, and the products of different brands, the formula may also have subtle differences, and many consumers of cloud paraffin preservation method is not very clear, if you have the sun, the quality of the products will also be affected. When we buy it is recommended to consult an experienced person, how long can make a marble stone wax.

? Two , acid and alkali products with caution in the use of

?? marble wax into a semi paste, but some businesses will add the solvent in the product, may contain acid substances not recommended for general use. Most of the stone will react with acid and alkali, which will destroy the internal structure. You buy a marble wax, can be used widely for the test paper for pH test on the use of the purchase of cloud paraffin, see if you can use safety.

? ? Three,

pigment may pollute the stone

?? stone is a porous material, it is possible to absorb from pigments containing marble wax, causing the stone surface pollution. No added pigment cloud paraffin as soon as possible, or in the use of stone before confirming the stone surface has effectively waterproof and anti oil curing, surface can be fully maintenance of stone material, which has the ability to prevent pollution.

? ? Four, maintenance products avoid mixing

?? do not have to choose marble stone polishing wax, can also use the stone polishing agent, but the two kinds of maintenance products can only be used alone. Some consumers may have such a misunderstanding that the use of the effect will be better. In fact, polish and wax cloud is two kinds of different chemical substances, two mixed double effect not only fail to want, it will damage the stone.

? Five , dosage to control

? Because of the natural material and the unique color and texture of the stone, all of you