Small size of the bedroom want to have to rely on the basic norton disk doctor

Small size of the bedroom would like to have to rely on the basic almost all of the owners of small Huxing, have a small Huxing bedroom big desire. But many people believe that the small size of the bedroom area is not large, and how to design and decoration are difficult to make the space larger. In fact, as long as the master of a certain method of admission, small Huxing space is also very easy. ?? Receive 1 skills: skillful use of shelf storage?? in the bedroom space is limited, the flexible use of some corners will open up more storage space. The night table space is the best example, two or three boards will be able to create a best display range. Commonly used debris can be stacked here, such as cards, glasses, jewelry and so on. ?? Receive 2 skills: open into the wall above the bed is housed?? we are less developed for use in areas where it is designed to open the wall cabinets on the pattern of adduction, uniform, and massive containment function makes the bedroom like jangseogak elegant. ? 3 skills: small bedside table fresh storage method? Has been the bedside table is an integral part of our essential furniture. The drawer type, or the cabinet table are storage bags magic. ?? Receive 4 skills: develop new space under the bed?? in order to solve the problem of collecting the bedroom design, some bedding can be used bedding and clothing placed on the bed in the box; even if there is no choice with a storage function of the bed Never mind, some highly suitable storage basket basket can be very good to hide under the bed, and convenient use. 5, the inclusion of the end of the bed? If the bedroom area is large enough to make full use of the bed space. Some blankets, clothes, Home Furnishing by package can also temporarily placed, usually some magazines and books can also be placed on small stool for the next access. ?? Receive 6 skills: multifunctional wardrobe with wardrobe and display function?? in the choice of wardrobe, make full use of the bedroom space height, as far as possible to increase the wardrobe space available, often need to use the best available items, in the height of the season, the items should be stored in the top of the partition the most commonly used items, not the best in the closet or under the bed space angle. ?? Receive 7 skills: beautiful and practical fighting cabinets?? in the choice of bucket cabinet should be based on the types of goods should be placed or family members to choose the three bucket cabinet, four drawer cabinet or drawers etc.. The advantages of multi drawer design is to be able to effectively classify the collection, the size of its choice is also very rich, suitable for different sizes according to the size of the selection. Skills: 8: make good use of the bed around the bed according to the height of a row of storage cabinets on the wall, very suitable for lying down to sleep when the visual field level, not to cause mental stress and pressure. Not only can meet the role in the show, but also can not commonly used items neatly tucked up, more important is in need when they can quickly find. ?? Receive 9 skills: open shelf in the bedroom?? also need some space to put some decorations or books, if your home is open the bedroom, then this shelf can also be used as a soft partition, the bedroom and sitting area separated, you are a private bedroom and a at the fresh living room. ? 10 tips: simple wall hook?.相关的主题文章: