Six bathroom renovation money dafa-ca1871

Six bathroom decoration "by law"?? the bathroom decoration Feng Shui is important, it not only has many taboos, but also can affect family life. Bathroom decoration Feng Shui directly affects the quality of family life. Because the bathroom is water from the angle of the five elements, and who can make money, so the bathroom decoration Feng Shui if there is a problem, is likely to affect the owner’s wealth. However, if the situation and matters need to pay attention to feng shui bathroom renovation, it can effectively use the bathroom feng shui business, to help the owner of fortune. The three attention? Feng shui bathroom renovation depends on the location of the bathroom decoration bathroom feng shui taboo mention the location of the toilet and the owner of the rich have a great relationship. If the toilet in the middle of the family, the gas will affect the misunderstanding in the bathroom in the home environment, since it is not good for the body, but also affect the master build up the family fortunes. And this position is not conducive to change, so in the purchase of housing, we must look ahead to see if the location of the toilet is likely to affect the family environment. ?? The bathroom decoration Feng Shui fortune should pay attention to water? Water? Money, the bathroom is the lack of water. But bathroom decoration Feng Shui taboo that if the toilet for a long time, water or water to the bedroom, it is likely to affect the health of the owner. Because moist air may directly affect the host’s body, thereby affecting the human body function. Therefore, the toilet water to be discharged normally, but best not too high because of the living room, the living room is the master Yang, Yang high road to fortune flow is not conducive to the master. Feng shui bathroom renovation should pay attention to the location of the door? Bathroom decoration Feng Shui taboo for the location of the door has a very important interpretation. In general, the bathroom door opened improperly may also affect the owner’s wealth. Especially the mirror and the bathroom door, it is likely to master for evil spirits. And if the door of the bathroom and the bedroom door relative, it will not only pollute the gas into the bedroom, pollution bedroom environment, will also affect the owner’s fortune. Three best?????, a best pattern?? shape founder, should be large?? water is the main element in the bathroom, the room will be more water than other wet room, this will lead to the heavy air, therefore, Feng Shui reminder, the bathroom must be dry, pay attention to moisture and the best ventilation, open high windows, make plenty of sunshine, air circulation, if closed and poor ventilation, detrimental to the family. If there is no window between the bathroom, it is necessary to install the exhaust fan, exhaust the exhaust. If there is enough space in the bathroom would not small, in order to avoid the condensed moisture caused stagnation gas can gather, thereby damaging the wealth and health. In addition, the bathroom to the shape of the founder, avoid triangles, arcs and deformities. ?? If it is within the suite bathroom, but also pay attention to the ground can not be higher than the bedroom on the ground, especially the location can not have a superior bath feeling, because water is to flow, is run under the lattice, long-term living in water was "moist" in the bedroom, prone to endocrine system diseases. ?? Two, the best position of East and Southeast???? the bathroom is located in homes.相关的主题文章: