Shan Jixiang the Imperial Palace had hidden foreign cultural relics are – Beijing clean candle june

Shan Jixiang: the Imperial Palace cultural relics are in possession of foreign new network reporter clean – (reporter Liu Mian) "more than 10 thousand pieces of cultural relics in the the Imperial Palace are foreign, overseas trade, commodity exchange, collection and tribute envoys, and other large foreign cultural relics museum in the world is waiting. In this regard, the the Imperial Palace is a clean foreign cultural relics." Yesterday, the German museum forum, dressed in a white gown Chinese collar Dan Jixiang the Imperial Palace museum director said, won more than 400 domestic and foreign cultural people applause. Next, these foreign cultural relics collective moved into the Imperial Palace Yan Xi palace. Yan Xi palace is also very interesting, since Xuantong began to build, has not completed. Yan Xi palace is located at six East Palace, Ming and Qing two generations for PinFei home. The last emperor had wanted to build a aquarium — 3 layer structure, the walls are double sandwich glass, water fish, building periphery also has a pond, and then around the rockery. However, the "Crystal Palace" with the Qing Dynasty delayed, has not made good, known as the first western "unfinished building". In 2010, Yan Xi palace as the ancient ceramics exhibition opening, the Imperial Palace conservation technology in the office here. At the end of this year, the Ministry of science and technology will move out of the overall security walls, the Imperial Palace experts are working with a group of German experts here to repair. Yan Xi Gong Chen, a foreign cultural relics exhibition hall. The Imperial Palace museum exhibits and foreign cultural relics will never appear in the past will move together. The Meridian Gate Yanchi floor exhibition hall will also open to foreign cultural relics special. Next Tuesday, the India cultural relics exhibition will be the first appearance, show the style of the ancient Silk road. In January next year, a number of Afghan cultural relics will be taking over this batch of cultural relics on display, exquisite beyond compare had a cruel experience — they are hiding in a bank to bank. A museum curator for refusing to disclose the whereabouts of extremists is brutally beheaded. There are a number of cultural relics will be a special form of "home". The the Imperial Palace and the Berlin National Museum will be published in the eighteenth Century edition of English Tibetan Buddhism album, Berlin National Museum Folk Museum half set in eighteenth Century by a court painter in the Qing Dynasty as Chapter V hutuketu biography album (unique), and the other half set the same figure painted Tibetan Buddhist Monk Biography album the Imperial Palace will combination, and published. In September next year, the the Imperial Palace will bring treasure debut in Berlin, National Museum, held a portrait of China’s Ming and Qing dynasties". The exhibition will be included in the 45 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany series commemoration.相关的主题文章: