Shaanxi state owned enterprises to speed up the reform of Shaanxi capital information management wil winflash

Shaanxi speed up the reform of state-owned enterprises will be involved in the reorganization of the enterprise information management network (09), Cao Zhen Securities Times reporter on the second half of into the second half, Shaanxi’s state-owned enterprise reform significantly faster. The integration of industries, some small scale state-owned enterprises within the region of integration and restructuring, establish a large group of modern enterprise system, rectification and closure of the long-term loss of coal, oil and natural gas mining industry, iron and steel smelting, cement and other industry overcapacity. In order to promote the backward production capacity of bankruptcy, the government of Shaanxi province has established a special Shaanxi Financial Holdings subsidiary – Shaanxi financial asset management Limited by Share Ltd. The advantages of centralized resources group in June 2016, the state-owned enterprises in Shaanxi province reform leading group recently issued the "Outline", the state-owned enterprise reform leading group in 2016, decided to carry out the company owned capital investment operations of mixed ownership reform, mixed ownership ESOP and standardize the construction of the board of directors, the board of directors of hiring managers and members of the salary distribution the difference of the six reform in Shaanxi provincial state-owned enterprises. Through mergers and restructuring of industries, Shaanxi by means of the integration of state owned capital expansion, has set up more than and 20 large group companies: Shaanxi financial holding group, Shaanxi logistics group, the development of Shaanxi aviation industry group, Shaanxi water group, Yulin energy group, Shaanxi overseas investment group. At present, the Shaanxi provincial SASAC is directing the Shaanxi energy group, gas group, food and agriculture group, Shaanxi sea investment company, such as 9 newly formed enterprise standardized operation, innovation and development; while solid progress in corporate restructuring listed. The establishment of Shaanxi logistics group is a state-owned enterprise reform and reorganization. In 13th Five-Year, with the rapid development of the electricity supplier, warehousing and logistics industry with vigorous development, in order to make the state-owned capital to better development in emerging industries, the provincial government made a resolute decision to establish Shaanxi Province Logistics Group, 7 wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Materials Industry Group Corporation and 5 share-holding subsidiaries integration and restructuring, the establishment of Shaanxi Province Logistics Group in July 2012, Shaanxi province SASAC inject 150 million yuan. Shaanxi is the largest province of China fruit industry, approved by the Shaanxi provincial government, in the original Shaanxi new world fruit industry group Co., Ltd. and other 5 companies on the basis of the formation of the state owned enterprises in Shaanxi Fruit Industry Group Co., Ltd., registered capital of 500 million yuan. The company will integrate scientific and technological resources to the new world Shaanxi Fruit Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Tongchuan, Yangling, Wugong, Yanchuan four big base, around the industrial park, fruit seedlings seedlings seedlings base construction, technological innovation, market cultivation, breeding demonstration base construction, as well as information services, according to modern industry, circulation, financial and ecological concept. To create a set of scientific research, breeding, production, marketing, service as one of the modern agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, promote Shaanxi from province to province transform fruit fruit. Shaanxi gold group is called the Shaanxi provincial state-owned financial aircraft carrier". Shaanxi gold group by the Shaanxi provincial industrial investment company, the provincial state-owned assets management company, the provincial high-tech industrial investment company, the provincial credit re Guarantee Corporation相关的主题文章: