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UnCategorized Many families try to avoid placing their parents in long term care facilities even when the time .es that it seems like it is the right thing to do. However, there are many risks for the elderly living at home. The top two killers of seniors who don’t live in a senior care facility are medication errors and hazards in the home. Senior home safety inspections can minimize the potential threats to your parents and grandparents. As the baby boomer generation enters retirement, there will be a rapid increase in senior citizens living alone. As it is, there are many elderly people already living in substandard housing. This will be.e more of a problem as time goes on. Private senior home safety inspections are a new solution to this dilemma. Even now, many of our country’s senior citizens live in very old or poorly maintained houses. Some still live on the old family farm. While this may on the surface seem to be an ideal situation. The wiring in the house may be old and worn, presenting a fire hazard. Old chimneys, bad furnaces and leaking plumbing are a few of the many home safety hazards. With a plan for senior home safety inspections in place, problems such as these can be addressed. . Senior home safety inspections don’t just serve the purpose of protecting the elderly living at home. Your peace of mind over your family’s welfare is at stake as well. If you’ve ever visited your aging mother’s house and seen a fresh burn from the stove or a skin tear from the edge of a counter, you know too well the distress of seeing the danger they can be in. Even with the best of intentions, if you live across the country, you can’t continually check their home for safety, and you probably don’t know anyone who can check all of the types of safety issues. Additionally, there will probably .e a time when your loved one will need caregivers to .e and assist them with their needs. The workers also deserve protection from the home safety risks. Mold and other environmental factors will not just affect your mother or father, but also the staff .ing to take care of them. Having senior home safety inspections can prevent not only undue illness for your family member, but also sickness and missed days for the people who take care of them. The benefits of inspections aren’t just limited to the direct health and safety of your parent or their staff, either. They allow you to lower maintenance costs and increase the property value of the home. The irony of the home inspections is that the home will eventually be inspected for the new owner of the home.. Why not have seniors live in safety, now? Since the safety of your loved one in their golden years is of primary concern, it only makes sense to have senior home safety inspections. It’s the best thing for them, for you, and for those who take care of them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: