RMB exchange rate hit a new low of six years, the emergence of the biggest beneficiary plate 4000dy

RMB exchange rate hit a six year low of   the five sector to benefit from rising — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: RMB exchange rate hit a six year low of five benefit from the plate Nuggets path to emerge according to recent RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar continued to fall sharply, and another six year low. Despite the devaluation of the renminbi in the space is more limited, but still sparked hot and of various assets denominated in Renminbi interest. There agency analysts believe that the RMB exchange rate decline, to a certain extent to the textile and clothing, building decoration, iron and steel, chemical industry, shipping and other five industries will have a positive impact, especially for the export of listed company shares have a leading role. This article on the five devaluation of the RMB exchange rate to benefit stocks carefully combed, and mining related stocks leading the investment value to readers. Textile and garment industry is expected to enhance the performance of the RMB against the U.S. dollar, the central parity of continuous decline in China’s textile and garment export enterprises to form a positive, the future will stimulate the growth of the textile and apparel industry. Everbright Securities (601788) believes that the RMB exchange rate hit a new low in the past six years, is expected to enhance the long-term export competitiveness of the industry. From the perspective of industrial transfer, the textile industry of garment industry relative labor consumption, more technical requirements, capital investment is relatively low, so compared to the textile industry, cheap labor resources, textile raw materials are relatively scarce, scarce capital of Southeast Asian emerging China in the development of garment industry has a comparative advantage. Benefit leading subject: Semir clothing (002563), sea orchid house (600398), Carolina textile (002293), Anna rich (002327), Weixing (002003), Lutai A, MediaTek shares (002394), Huafu (002042), (002083), Vosges shares jasan group (603558) etc.. Two grade market, textile and clothing sector yesterday activity, according to the "Securities Daily" display Market Research Center statistics, a total of 35 related stocks rose, plate, Saturday (002291), jasan group gainers, respectively, 4.79%, 4.09%, and SBS shares (002098) (3.42%), Huafu (3.11%), Busen shares (002569) (2.99%) (2.84%), Vosges shares (002516) and his science and Technology (2.73%), Vico essence (600152) (2.53%) and Blum Oriental (601339) (2.2%) and other stocks yesterday also have good performance. Building decoration more than 60% stocks rose yesterday in the "The Belt and Road" and "going out" national strategic guidance, driven by high-speed rail, infrastructure and other industry leading companies overseas business to achieve substantial expansion, and the devaluation of the renminbi will enhance domestic and overseas project bidding company competitiveness, accelerate the pace of "going out". International engineering contracting is the most beneficial to the construction of the RMB devaluation of the plate, the future level of profitability will be significantly improved. There are institutions to calculate the depreciation of 1% yuan per share, net profit margin can be increased by about 0.4%相关的主题文章: