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Home-Improvement Richard Ginori porcelain has a long history of excellence. Ginori tableware is Italian porcelain of the highest quality that has been in production for over two hundred years. Members of the noble Ginori family are known to have lived in Florence, Italy dating back to 1304. In 1737 the prominent Italian aristocrat Carlo Ginori started a hard paste porcelain factory on his country estate in Doccia near Florence, Italy. Ginori porcelain became known also as Doccia porcelain. There was only one other European hard-paste porcelain factory at that time which was located in Meissen, Germany. Richard Ginori porcelain was collected by the Medicis and other European nobility such as Napoleon’s wife and Marie Louise of Austria. After five generations the family firm merged with a large industrial Milanese company named Richard in 1896 and became know as Richard Ginori Porcelain. Today, Ginori and Richard Ginori porcelain are highly sought after and very collectible. Today Richard Ginori china is known for its elegant beauty and extremely high quality. You can find Ginori porcelain pieces that are extremely contemporary and modern and others that are delicately hand crafted in traditional, ornate patterns. Ginori porcelain was collected by the Medicis and most of the nobility of Europe Napoleon’s wife, Marie Louise of Austria, ordered an enormous service that survives to this day. Richard Ginori at is a great variety of Richard Ginori China, Richard Ginori Crystal, Richard Ginori Silverware Richard Ginori Gifts and More. Anything Richard Ginori is here at a great discount price. Special orders are welcome. Here you can order from a complete set to a single saucer. All Richard Ginori items are first class. You benefit from our over years of experience selling Fine China, Crystal, Silverware and Collectibles. Please purchase on online 相关的主题文章: