Restaurant wine how to try the wine is not pit

Restaurant wine how to try the wine is not pit? Lead: perhaps you’ve been in this situation before: at the dinner date or participate in business banquets, generally require a few bottles of Wine, but because there is no experience about being pit, so they could have no idea. So after the wine, in the end how should try not to be pit wine?   (source: red wine world network   compile: Suzy) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! When dining out, whether it is a gathering of friends, lovers or business meetings, appointments, always points to the wine drinking. A lot of people are worried about the reception in the restaurant was "pit", in fact, as long as the following points, even if you do not have any experience, but also can easily deal with. Check the drink, a bottle opening before the sommelier will remove the bottle of Wine your order for you to look over, because the sommelier is not in the case of a customer does not check the open bottle. At this time, you need to pay attention to is: first, to view this bottle of Wine is not just his wine, because once this bottle of wine to drink, if not just your drink, you can’t go back. Again, observe the Wine storage status, check Wine labels and bottle seal is damaged. If the cork is convex, and that this situation can be called the sommelier another bottle of a better state of Wine. Because the cork raised generally due to bad storage, the cork moist enough to cause, it is easy to cause the air to enter the bottle Wine oxidation. Two, with the lip of the bottle when you accept the bottle of Wine, should see the sommelier bottle, this is to prevent the restaurant will lower grade Wine mixed bottle. After opening the bottle, you can smell the cork, cork to ensure no smell, thus determine the Wine not bad. If the cork has unpleasant odor, or the cork is withered and fragile, the wine is at risk of contamination, and you can still refuse to drink the wine. Three, try a wine after opening the bottle, the sommelier will pour a small amount in your cup Wine to you try wine, then you can pick up a glass filled with Wine, outward tilt, to see if there are impurities such as sawdust Wine, these impurities may affect the quality of the wine. Then see if the color of the wine is consistent with its description. Then, pick up the glass, gently shake, bow to smell the taste of wine, if the aroma is a good sign. Finally, take a sip of wine, turn the tongue in the mouth to feel the taste of Wine is "normal": if Wine taste unpleasant, seems to have had a drink or obvious taste, that this is the last time you can choose to return the opportunity; if you feel the taste is acceptable, you can. Leave this bottle of wine sommelier.相关的主题文章: