Remember the SHARP phone It also killed back to China’s flagship high-end market soulseek

Remember the SHARP phone? It also killed back to China’s flagship high-end market after a lapse of four years, SHARP mobile phone once again decided to enter the Chinese market. On Wednesday, two new phones for the Chinese market officially released, which is since 2003, in 2008, SHARP mobile phone to enter the domestic market after the failure of the return. The difference is, on a SHARP mobile phone or a Japanese brand, with the completion of the acquisition of SHARP’s mobile phone, SHARP now has become a domestic brand. Experts said that Foxconn strong supply chain and manufacturing strength, coupled with the original SHARP in display technology accumulation, let the new SHARP mobile phone will be more competitive, but this kind of fusion gene can make its success in the fierce competition in the domestic market is not easy. Return to the Chinese market, the new SHARP back, a new era has come, young people will soon experience a new." Zhang Jinmeng, general manager of SHARP mobile phones in mainland China, with such a statement, SHARP mobile phone to return to the mainland market, while he repeatedly stressed that the new SHARP". In terms of market positioning, the new SHARP phone is indeed different from the past. After SHARP mobile phone business, the main flagship high-end market, the SHARP released two smart mobile phone SHARP C1 and SHARP A1, the target consumer group is young users, products of partial low, two products are priced at 1499 yuan. Specific products, two new phones also have a clear distinction, which SHARP C1 main camera, using a 13 million pixel front camera, user groups focus on girls. SHARP A1 focuses on boys, pay attention to the performance of the hardware, storage by using a combination of Xi X20 flagship 10 core processor, 4GB+32GB. In addition, two SHARP mobile phone in the content level, also with Iqiyi and LETV have the depth of cooperation, including the SHARP C1 embedded in the interface of Iqiyi, while SHARP A1 is equipped with LETV EUI system. In addition Zhang Jinmeng Beijing daily in an interview with reporters, said the purchase of users will be presented corresponding half year membership service (Iqiyi or Le Shi). The new SHARP mobile phone today in the Jingdong open booking channels, September 7th 10 officially on sale. Zhang Jinmeng said that at this stage Jingdong is the only open sales channels for SHARP phones in the country. Compared to the Chinese mainland market, more recently, SHARP mobile phones have taken the lead in landing in Taiwan, china. Has released SHARP AQUOS P1, SHARP Z2 models. Which SHARP AQUOS P1 priced NT $20990 (about 4420 yuan), SHARP Z2 priced NT $8990 (about $1893), the product is more biased in the high-end. Zhang Jinmeng also revealed that the Chinese mainland market, there are plans to launch high-end products. As for the specific time, did not inform. Chinese style transformation accelerated mention SHARP, many users first impression or Japanese brand. But when Zhang Jinmeng introduced the new SHARP mobile phone, then called the Chinese brand". In fact, SHARP received 388 billion 800 million yen funding with Hon Hai, SHARP has officially become China Taiwan!相关的主题文章: