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Mobile-Audio-Video Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard, people have higher and higher requirements on entertainment. In the car entertainment system, car DVD players have grown in popularity in the recent decades as a must in the vehicle providing wonderful driving experience. To begin with, a car DVD player is able to produce kinds of interesting entertainment programs in the vehicle. In the modern life, people usually have to spend much time in the vehicle. Sometimes it is just a short trip, while sometimes it may be a long one. If you stay in the car without any entertainment, the time can be rather boring. The car DVD is designed to offer you various enjoyable programs in case that you may be.e fatigue and fidgety during the journey. Car radio, TV shows and video games are all available for people to enjoy the in-car time. If you find few stations, channels and built-in games you are interested in, you can also play many supported types of audio and video files from your own memory storage devices such as USB sticks, SD cards and discs. The multifunctional entertainment can certainly make your journey more colorful.Moreover, the car DVD model allows you to share the happy time with your .panions in the car. Generally, people in the car can listen to melodious music and watch amusing shows or movies together. Besides, with a headrest car DVD, you can also output your favorite music from a music player through the in dash DVD with the help of FM transmitter so that your friends can enjoy the beauty of music as well, while an iPod control cable will enable you to have high-quality iPod music experience by the simple conjunction of an iPod and a car DVD unit. Thus, with a car DVD player built in the vehicle, you can enjoy much amusement with your passengers together. Last but not the least, a car DVD brings plenty of convenience for the driver while working with other gadgets in the vehicle. For instance, if you have a player supporting reversing camera input, you can connect a reversing camera with the player. Then the monitor of the DVD player will automatically display a clear image of the rear situation of your car when you put it into reverse so that you can avoid a number of expected accidents such as crashing on something or someone. In addition to that, the car DVD model has its own practical functions like car gps navigation. Car navigation plays a vital role in providing useful information of time, location and direction during the driving, which will definitely enhance the security of your trip. Thus, a car DVD can not only serve for in car entertainment but also offer practical convenience in the driving. The above functions are some major reasons why car DVD players be.e so popular today. They provide various audio and video enjoyments, enable people to enjoy the relaxing in-car time together, and bring much convenience for the driving. As for you, what else can be your reason to opt for a nice car dvd ? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: