Quanzhou plant fire in less than half an hour to burn down the more than 1 thousand square meter hut-diying

Quanzhou plant fire in less than half an hour to burn down the more than 1 thousand square meter hut plant was more than 2 points down Fujian network November 5th news yesterday afternoon, Quanzhou Fengze District Xunmei Industrial Zone factory on fire, smoke billowing, less than 30 minutes, the whole building collapsed tin! The fire of the factory was built to cover a metal foam factory, the factory was burned iron roof, a large area collapsed. The workshop items burned out a mess. The plant next to a three storey dormitory of the exterior walls were blackened, parked in the dormitory downstairs in a pickup truck, the front position almost burned to the left frame. More than 300 employees gathered outside the foam factory. Staff Mr. Zhou said that the fire occurred during working hours, when the fire from the factory next to a hut first ignited, a fire started inside the plant is relatively small, the staff to see the fire, quickly retreated to the factory. "Less than 20 minutes, the fire is very large." Mr. Zhou said that the 5 fire extinguishers are sprayed all useless, staff quarters are also quickly withdraw from the staff, the police. After the alarm, rushed to the Quanzhou fire, mobilized 8 fire engines and 40 people rushed to the scene disposal. 3 pm, the fire was controlled, according to the Quanzhou fire official said micro-blog, the building of a single iron frame foam factory, the main combustion foam insulation materials, no casualties. A foam factory responsible person said, the plant area of about more than 1 thousand square meters of fire. It is understood that the cause of the fire is likely to be close to the foam factory renovation of the construction of the welding chamber, sparking sparks caused by. But the claim has not been confirmed. Cause of the fire is under investigation. (Hoi reporter Huang Xiaorong Huang Jinwen map)相关的主题文章: